18 February 2010


What's happen today? After three weeks prepared for PREVENT..finally the program start at 3pm today...Alhamdulillah grateful to God for this opportunity...Really proud to myself and all my friends bcoz the program can start with a successful..All my friends thanks a lot for all your cooperation and responsibility in handling this program..
For today, i still doing my task as before went to LCCT to fetch student from face seem familiar to LCCT..uhuhu...but it's ok i enjoy doing that coz i can met with students from UNIMAS, POLITEKNIK KUCHING and Kolej Komuniti, Mas Gading..
All of them look so happy to be in KL bcoz for some of them it was their first experience come to KL..
The official ceremomy for this program done by Vice Canselor of USIM this night..there also have a poem part from participant in this program..
The last moment for this night when we can hear and see "Nash" sing their popular song to all people..It's so exciting and all people enjoy themself.


Anonymous said...

kalu ak tau ad prgram 2..kompem ak nk jd voluntere...x prnh g usim ag plng pntng nk jmpe mmbr2 lme

Affieza said...

kbykn u ator geng2 MPP je..universiti yg pilih wakil ni...

Anonymous said...

lor gi2 lk..xper r thn dpan ak msk parti

Affieza said...

hmm..bgus2 smgt waja i vote 4 u...

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