27 March 2011

"SMART 2011"

Unit Bimbingan & Kaunseling, Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah have organized a program called as "SMART 2011". The program involving the students from semester 2 and above. We in this unit agreed to invite Amin Idris Training Consultant (AITC) to be the speaker in this program.

Do you ever heard about AITC??? If no lets going through to this site.

Program SMART 2011 with Amin Idris Training Consultant (AITC)

Before the program started, all students must registered their attendance to record their names. The registration was dividing by the department of the students.

Mr. Amin Idris with his own style in giving the talk. The talk was really interesting and all students enjoyed with the talk.

All the students listen to the talk that given by him. Besides that, there also have OKU students who came to that program.

All trainee counselors got the opportunity to take pic with Mr.Amin.

Overall, the program run successfully and hope all students got the information and input in this program. Thanks you so much to Mr.Amin Idris for the talk and all committee member's for this program. You did it!!!!


en_me said...

meriahnyerr uoolss.. ehehe

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