05 April 2011


15 weeks already!!! It means the last lecture for all students in Polytechnic including my practicum's organization too.

Even it was the last week, Kelab Pembimbing Rakan Siswa still organized their meeting with all members for the last one.

For the last week, we just going through what we already done through this semester. We recall back all the activities to ensure that all of us still remind on that.

It seem like we just finished it but actually we already done for the past few months. Time flies so fast and my practicum also will be end this coming May.

Presenting to you, my last meeting with all PRS's members...........

PRS' members in their last meeting for this semester

It will be my last day to sing Polytechnic' song too. After this going back to normal to sing my university's song...huhu

All trainee counselors got the opportunity to give the last speech to all members. After this, we cannot know when we can meet again with all the members.

All trainee counselors with one of Psychology Officer in Counseling and Guidance Unit.

Men versus Women

Candid's time

All of us !!!!!

Back line : Vinoth Raj, Asyraf, Rafiq, Hafiz Zainal, Hafiz Anuar

Middle line : Izzati, Kathleen, Aifaa, (Me), Eka, Cik Nadiah, Sarah, Nurin, Azreen

Front line : Mina, En.Fendi, En.Faizal, Puan Hazaiwati, Cik Shukruna, Cik Izati

psssttt: nothing is precious but this memories will keep in my heart forever. Glad to know all of u guys...


ardinihumaira said...

rindu lak dni ngan meeting2 gni ;)

Affieza said...

@Dini: tu lah kjp je kn masa utk melalui detik2 cam ni..hehe

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