30 September 2011


- DAY 1 -

Around 9.00 am, we leave Shah Alam for a leadership camp to Pangkor Island. Three hours of journey before arrived at Jetty Lumut. We paid for ticket and took a ferry to Island. While arriving, a group of van with a pink colour brought us to our camp.

Check in at Raudah Camp for our room. After that, briefing session focused on our program's schedule. Then, divide all members by group before started the first activity. The first activity all group need to find their group's name and create their group's logo. Settled down for the first activity we walked to the beach for swimming.

At night, all of us made the presentation for what we already done in the first activity. Finished that part, it was time to sleep before started the other activity for tomorrow.

- DAY 2 -

In the morning, the activity begin with Jungle Trekking. 2hours walked through the jungle, my friends and I met with various kinds of insect and plants.

While in the evening, all of us took a boat for the next activity. Most of us feel excited to join that activity which is Snorkeling. By doing that activity we can view many kinds of fish and it really amazing.

After Isya', motivation slot focused on "Leadership". What actually leadeship is all about?.This theme was chosen because it was a Leadership Camp where the members came with the positon of club president, class monitor and some more.

Finished that part, it was time for Barbeque. Fish, chicken and also cockle added with nasi goreng was the menu for that nite. Before sleep, a few of us choose to have a karaoke session.

- DAY 3 -

It was the time for aerobic early in the morning. With a sleepy face, all of us do that activity. Finished breakfast, the last activity "LDK". All of us sit in group and made a discussion about the input and output for this camp.

The ends...officially the camp was finished by speech from Ketua Jabatan. All of us made a line for shake hands session.

Before leave this place, we had a photography session with all the members and lectures. All done...going back to our home.

psssttt:- o ye xbalik terus pun ni, kitaorg dibawa pusing2 mengelilingi pulau ini dgn mnaiki van pink itu...hehe. Ke mana kami mlwt??? next entry yer...


Syigim said...

rindunya kat pulau pangkor! akak masa kecik2 mmg favorite holiday spot!

moga jadi leader yg baik & berjuang ke jln Allah satu hari nanti ye! :)

Affieza said...

@K.Syigim: InsyaAllah...AMIN

CIK TOM said...

wah seronoknya korang pi pulau pangkor...teringin nak pergi jgk 1 hari nanti..

Affieza said...

@CIK TOM: mmg seronok...hrpnya your turn plk pasni utk smpai ke P.Pangkor...hehe

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