03 April 2012


Turned 25 for the past few day, I request for a birthday treat from my younger sis. I know, she will agree with my idea as long as the place she love to visit...hehe

We agreed to go to J.Co Donuts and Coffee @ Pavilion, KL for the brunch which mean breakfast + lunch for that day.

J.Co Donuts is a bakery retailer specialising in doughnuts and coffee.
Average the doughnuts are priced at RM2.30 each (RM2 for Glazzy).

We choose to have a few types of doughnuts + ice blended chocolate.

birthday girl feeling like an ambassador of Doughnut...huhu

Special thanks to my younger sis a.k.a tukang belanja for the treat. Next time feel free to treat again!!!


Muhammad Hafiz said...

selamat ulang tahun yg ke-25.. lma xketemu, meh skit donut tu..

Intanberlian said...

omaigod.omaigod.omaigod. happy birthday dear. hehe kite sebayalah.. jelesnya, kamu ade dgree counselling. hehe. kitekan nak sgt jadi kaunselor tau. huhu. bolehlah awk jadi kaunselor peribadi kite nanti ek.hehe

Affieza said...

@Hafiz: thanks...tu lh psl bila mau jumpa lg ni???

@Intan: thanks...ape kurangnya cik dentist kita ni pun...hehe. Kaunselor peribadi????hmmmmm

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