19 June 2012


4tahun bergelar mahasiswa di sebuah IPTA, akhirnya Disember lepas saya telah pun selamat bergraduasi. Alhamdulillah for that moment. Now, I'm Degree Holder in Bachelor of Counseling with Honour from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). 

My journey begin, not as a student anymore, I  mula mengisi mana-mana kekosongan jawatan untuk post Pegawai Psikologi S41. I juga mula menghantar permohonan dan resume ke beberapa organisasi yang ada menawarkan post tersebut. 

Settled that part, I wait for any call to attend exam or interview session. On 5th of June, I got a call from Universiti Malaysia Pahang to attend the interview session at that place. The interview will be run one week after the call. 

On 12th of June, I went there. It was my first time attended interview session for a job. Before this, I never have that experience. So, I just came to get that experience without put any hope on the interview. I can imagine I will be in the situation which there have many candidates around and waiting for their turn to be interview.  But it not happen, the candidates already shortlisted from all application. Only 15candidates was there and we were divided into a group. 4 candidates in one group and the last group will be three only. It means that the interview will be run in the group. 

What happen during my first interview, let me share here:-

# As we walked into a meeting room, one of interviewer focused on the grooming part. The main focus was how we dress up for that session. 

# There have 3 interviewers. Each interviewer come out with 2 questions. 

# The questions was simple and easy
- Start with introduce our self
- Who is the Vice Chancellor of UMP
- Who is the Head of this Department
- What is the criteria for Civil Servants
- Give one of your strength and one of your weakness
- Can you work for an extra time
- Case Study: Suicide

# While in the group, we let everyone gave their answer and opinion

# The interview finished after 45 minutes

After we leave the meeting room, they told that the result for the interview will be announce after this. Shocked!!! all of us can feel the same feeling that time. We received a letter with different result BERJAYA/GAGAL. 

Candidates who pass need to come again for the second session. The interview session more difficult and much more challenging. That what our interviewer told us. The interview will be handling by AHLI LEMBAGA PENGARAH UNIVERSITI. 

My result.......................................................

Alhamdulillah, without any hope I pass it. But I need to compete again with the Top 6 from 15 candidates. Only two will be hired. Please pray for me.

psssttt: Happy Birthday to My Gorgeous Aunt, The fact is u always look younger that your age...hehe



Ardini Humaira said...

InsyaALlah, ada rezeki awak nanti dear :)

yatie chomeyl said...

good luck dear

transformed housewife said...

good luck. buat sembahyg hajat byk2.

Nadiah Sidek said...

tahniah affieza! semoga berjaya pula dalam second interview session :)

nazli said...

saya pernah diinterview dari pukul 9.00pg-4.30ptg...nasihat saya sebagai orang yg dah lama kerja dan rapat dengan industry, serta tak pernah gagal semasa menghadiri interview,....result exam no. 2, bukan bermaksud result exam tak penting 100%, tapi keyakinan diri semasa menjawab soalan lebih utama....jangan takut masa menjawap...salah tak apa, yang penting yakin semasa menjawab..

Good luck...

Affieza said...

@Dini: InsyaAllah...thanks dear

@K.Yatie: Thanks sis

@K.Nur: Thanks...will do it

Affieza said...

@K.Nadiah: Thanks sis...pray 4 me

@Nazli: Thanks...I really appreciate your advice

en_me said...

tahniahnyer and gud luck tuu..

CIK TOM said...

tahniah n goodluck 4 interview!!

Affieza said...

@hajiMete: thanks...

@CIK TOM: thanks dear!!!

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