17 September 2010


Appreciation and admiration sound the same at first thought, but they are used differently .Appreciate a man for what he does, but admire a man for what he is. It is possible to appreciate a man and not admire him.

I love men. I love the way they move their straight. I love the way they will protect anything smaller and more vulnerable than themselves. I love how generous and kind they are at heart. I love their focus and direction, how they can spend hours figuring out how it all works. And yes, I love that they can lift the heavy stuff.

In order for a woman to appreciate a man she needs to develop a new view of him as seen through new eyes. The first eye is dim to his faults. The second eye sees him as the rest of the world does. But the third and most important eye sees him as only you can and appreciates him as no one else does.

To fully appreciate a man people need to get beyond the superficial things like looks, income, status and honor in the community. Work on a deeper set of values. Look for fine character traits such as dependability, honesty, generosity, kindness, faith and sensitivity that only you are in a position to notice. Become aware of his intellectual gifts and special talents he portrays.

When we talk about appreciate, people tend to say "Appreciate a woman" but what about man? Man also need to be appreciate. What might people always say "Appreciate a woman"? Maybe because the reason is really strong enough to say that woman had sacrifice to give birth, breastfeed the baby and taking care the children. However, man also had sacrifice a lot in our life and the most one he is working through sunny and rainy to give the best for his family. So, dont forget to appreciate a man too in our life.

~ time2 raya byk je cite kt tv ttg pgorbanan ibu mbesarkan ank2 tp agk krg utk menyiarkan cite2 ttg pgorbanan
ayah...sgt sedih...really appreciate two men in my life...who are they?? lets check the latest entry soon..


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