21 September 2010


As a student, what actually in our mind when we need to come to school, college or university even mood raya still in ourself??????????

First of all of course, I as a student feel like my raya not completely again and the leave is still not enough...
byk lh cntik kan buat universiti sendiri.

For the first week after break, most students might think or still remind on open house, delicious dishes, kuih2 raya and their relatives. Even the lecturer teach and explain in front
bla...bla...but where actually you are??? Follow the lecturer, hear the explanation or the mind fly and fly into home...huhu.

The other part, students will exchange their kuih raya each other and enjoy eating with all friends. Various types of kuih raya will be eat when the exchange process take a part.

As a student, what will wait for you after the break already end...Lets take a look :-

1) Assignments
Individual assignment, group assignment. So, be alert on that. Lecturer already explain it
early of the semester... jgn mkn kuih raya byk sgt smpai lupa dh kt assignment yg blambak2

2) Presentation
The other one that students need to face. Same with the assignment, there will individual or
group presentation too. So, lets throw out all the gossippp2 during raya and preparing for our
presentation. Hmmm..don't forget to make a slide for presentation.

3) Project Work
This is the important one for Final Year students like me. I need to settle down it before my
practicum. Of course it take a lot of time and effort to finish it. Meeting with supervisor,
checking the proposal, typing chapter by chapter, collecting data and so on.

So, to all people that holding a student status, lets doing our responsibility. Forget about raya and start finishing our task. Refresh back our mind to remember the previous topic that already learn before. Prepare and ready to face with the new topic and some new knowledge.

psssstttt: byk kn keje?? tp still smpt lg nk hang out, tgk movie ni..huhu..
bru je kna sound ngn lecturer supaya stop kn aktiviti2 tsebut..


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