08 December 2011


At last the day that I have been waiting whole this time was finally arrived. Its such a sweet and memorial moments.

Event: My Graduation Day
Date: 3 December 2011
Session: Evening
Time: 2- 5 Pm
Location: Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC)
No: 475 from 1196 students

Today as I graduate
Please don't cheer for me alone,
There are so many I must honor
For I couldn't arrive here on my own.

Its so touching when I started reached the scroll on my hands.

I'm proud to be a degree holder.

Mom, Me, Dad, Younger Sis, (Missing: my youngest bro - currently at Pahang Matriculation College)

Thank you to my precious family

For your prayerful support,
The nurture given all my days
As my best you gladly sought.

My aunties and cousin who always support in all situation. To those family members who can't attended for this special day, thanks for all prayer.

Thank you to all lecturers
For the wisdom shown every day to me,
Teaching me, not just academics
But how character should be.

Thank you to my special friends
For your friendship, care and fun,
All the great times we have shared
Are we almost sad this day has come.

Yeay I got 3 bouquets of chocolate not flowers...k !!!!! T-Shirt, Blouse and Kain Pasang too. Thanks and much appreciated.

So, as I stand up now to graduate
You all share in this honor today,
And from my heart I gratefully say
May God give you all,
The worlds most beautiful bouquet.

(credit: Derry's Heart)


Nadiah Sidek said...

best kan dapat banyak hadiah ^_^

Unknown said...

tahniah.. bestnya dpt hadiah2 tu... bertuah fiza..

Affieza said...

@K.Nadiah: ha'ah mmg best pun..hehe

@K.Yong: Thanks. Alhamdulillah ats rezekinya..

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