16 December 2011


We’re graduating

Into our future,
Only the best.
Spreading our wings now,
We’ll do great things now,
Meet every challenge,
Pass every test.

We’ll overcome whatever life hands us,
Use what we learned here
For our success.
We’ll bloom wherever
Our journey lands us,
Reaching our goal of
Sweet happiness.

Friendships unbroken
Are what we made here;
Though words aren’t spoken,
Feelings are strong.
Memories we treasure
Tie us together,
Recalling pleasure
All our lives long.

We’re thankful for our
Good education;
Our univesity and lecturers
Are second to none.
We'd like to give them
We learned a lot, and
We thank everyone.

(By Joanna Fuchs)


transformed housewife said...

Congrats Fieza. Where do you plan to work after this?

Intanberlian said...

heee dah grad ye. tahniah ye!!!

CIK TOM said...

tahniah dah grad!

Unknown said...

cantiknya gambar di fountain ke tu.. yg ada design khat tu..

Pencacai Alim said...


Affieza said...

@K.Nur: Thanks...hope to work with government

@Intanberlian: Yuppp...thanks

@CIK TOM: Thanks...

@kakyong: Tak...tu gmbr replika tulisan khat kt dpn universiti saya

@Pencacai Alim: Terima kasih...

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