11 October 2012


While I'm waiting for job related exam, interview result and job offer; I got an interesting offer. It comes from GEMS Programme which is one of Government Supported Programme. (makan + tempat tinggal + elaun = heaven!!!)


Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS) is an employability training programme that help graduates to enhance their skills and prepare them to face the challenging working life after they graduated. This programme is part as Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia (SL1M) programme which managed by GEMS Malaysia Sdn.Bhd, a subsidiaries of Khazanah Nasional Berhad. 

The programme is divided into two parts:- 

a) Part 1: Two months on-site Executive Development Programme (EDP) Training. Accommodation is provided. (I will stay at Suria Cherating Beach Resort *2bulan duduk hotel tu...huhu)

b)  Part 2:  Six months apprenticeship programme at selected organization. Participants have to arrange their own accommodation and transportation.

Participants will given an allowance of RM500 per month during Part 1 and RM1000 per month during Part 2.  

To attend this programme participants must meet all the requirement below:-

1) Open to Malaysian graduates with recognized degrees 
2) Obtained a minimum 2.0 or equivalent
3) Applicants must be willing to to be relocated and aged 27 years old or below
4) Applicants must be willing to undergo Part 2 at any given organization nationwide
5) Applicants must be ambitious and have a strong will to learn and start a career

All info gathered from Gems Portal

psssttt:- I will share what I learn and get from the programme soon since I will report to the programme this coming Sunday. 


wakgelas said...

wak pon nk ucap tahniah yee.. ehhEE

Unknown said...

salam ziarah.

Tahniah ya. itu pengalaman berharga sebelum menempuh alam pekerjaan yang sebenar.

Jemput ke blog akak di Mana tau berkenan nak rasa serbuk cheese CHEEZE MAZ, yg bila dicampur air akan menghasilkan sos cheese seenak sos cheeze wedge, KFC. Lagipun hy RM 10.00 untuk 1 pack seberat 200 gram.

Affieza said...

@Wak Gelas: tq...wak

@cheeze maz: agree!!! pglmn yg sgt berharga...btw tq

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