18 November 2010


My lovely reader, wish u Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. What are u doing during this raya? Hope u enjoy the celebration as well. For me, it really happening...early in the morning after subuh prayer, take a bath for "Mandi Sunat Aidiladha". Then, prepare myself with a new clothes to pray "Solat Sunat Aidiladha" at Masjid Kg. Jerangau.

At 10.30 am, "Ibadah Korban" started at my village. As usual, I went to that place to see the process of slaughtering. My mom was one who took part in this "Korban" which involving a cow. There also have other people who took buffalo as their "Korban". Whatever animal they choose as long as "Halal" to eat as Muslim, they can have in slaughter's process.

A cow already been slaughter by "Pak Imam". Before doing this process, we need to ensure that knife that will use during the process is really sharp. So that, it made the process become easier and one of the reason to ensure that animal was not painful.

Finishing the process of slaughter, the dividing of meat have done. All members were divide fairly consistency with the weight of cow. Then, we back to home with the meat. At home, my mom divide meat to give to our neighbors or villagers around my house. My younger brother and I doing this task to sent the meat house by house. It really exciting and I enjoy doing that.

At the kitchen, my mom and other aunts doing the task of cooking the meat. What menu to be cook of the meat. Hmmmm...various kind of dishes be prepared by my mom and other aunt. The first one in the pic above was "Sup Tulang"

The second one "Daging Bakar". Can you imagine my uncle doing this during afternoon. So hot that time and it made our body full with sweat. But, it does not matter because the "Daging Bakar" was served during lunch time.

The last dishes from that meat was "Daging Goreng Kunyit". Hmmm, various of dishes have served during this Aidiladha. What is your favourite dishes if u want to cook meat? It will be different each of you according to our taste rite???

psssttt:- klu nak tau...adik beradik saya mmg tak makan daging..sgt2 rugi kan??? hehe


en_me said...

adik beradik je yg x makan daging kan.. kanns

Hamizah said...

sgt2 rugi,kan..
saya suka..

Affieza said...

en_me: ha'ah adik beradik sy je yg x mkn lain mkn je..hehe

K.Hamizah: rugi2.. mak n ayah je yg mkn..

ardinihumaira said...

gara2 tengok perut lembu yang belum dicuci tadi, dni tak dapat nak makan daging lembu hari ni. sampai skang bau dia melekat kat idung. huu

Nadiah Sidek said...

akak pun tak mkn daging juga..hehe. tapi takde la tak mkn langsung. kalau daging tu nipis2 mkn la jgk ;)

transformed housewife said...

ruginya tak mkn daging. tapi daging ni kalau sapa2 ada darah tinggi kenala mkn sikit je. BTW, dh sampai ke hadiah?

Affieza said...

Dini: O ye ke smpai mcm tu sekali...nnt jgn tgklah kn xpasal2 xblh nk mkn daging...hehe

K.Nadiah: Akak kira ok lah mkn mmg xmkn langsung..hihi

K.Nur: Yuppp..xblh mkn byk2 sgt daging ni nnt dpt darah tinggi plk.
Dh smpai pn, thanks...

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