01 November 2010


What date is today??? Hmmm my calendar where is it??? In my purse??? oh no my study table actually...hihi.

What actually in my mind when November come??? First thing in my mind L.E.A.V.E. Where do you want to go??? I feel to fly to my home rite now, meet my parents...really miss them so much buuuutttttt I need to settle down my academic project and some few assignments this time.

I already in study leave but still at my hostel rite now. Oh my academic project!!! Why it is difficult to finish??? I don't know what to write again...huhu.

One more thing, don't be too relax my dear..exam around the corner. Oh mommy, oh daddy exam fever come., Is it me?? No..I'm not that kind...I?? Last minute pattern. Don't be like that. It really dangerous k.

Three papers waiting for me to fulfill it with a great answer. Wow...already finish all the text book, note or slide??? When to start?? I don't know.

November means two months to be in the new year 2011. Hmmm..time don't wait for, this two months keep it as a precious and meaningful in our life.


Amni said...

all the best dear... t dah bis blajar, tak rasa dah nikmat dia macam zamn blajar.. masa kerja lagi banyak tekanan... huhu... nikmati hari mendatang dengan cool.. Yeahhh!

CIK TOM said...

good luck for ur exam dear!!
u can do it..
all de best~

Affieza said...

Amni : yup betul2...miss all the
moments very much...

Cik Tom : Tq...InsyaAllah

transformed housewife said...

good luck for ur exam & final project. sorry knur tak sempat pos lg hadiah. knur cuba hantar mg depan ye. anak2 tak sihat skrg.

Affieza said...'s ok K.Nur

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