21 November 2010


Yesterday 20/11/2010 was my best friend's engagement. While other people in the mood of Aidiladha celebration, my friends choose to have an engagement ceremony on that date. It such a simple and nice ceremony to celebrate her day. Delicious "Nasi Minyak" was served to all the guests and bring along with beautiful souvenir.

Pink colour was chosen as her "pelamin" while the gift in brown colour to the man side. But in the pic above was the gift from man side in blue theme to the woman side. It look really beautiful and crowded with a lot of flowers.

My best friends, Nor Zuliana Bt Zunaini in her engagement's day. Such a queen and gorgeous in brown colour. She is my best friends when I'm in Upper Six. Graduate from UPM last October in Degree of Arabic Language. For you, I really proud to have you as my best friends. Hope this friendship will be forever and ever.

The pics with her fiancee and future mother in law. Are u nervous that time???Hehe...By the way everything going through smoothly. Alhamdulillah, now u already holding a status of fiancee to such a great man that u choose.

Dearest my friend, wish u Happy Engagement for both of u Nor Zuliana Binti Zunaini and Mohd Noor Bin Haji Nawi. Hope this relationship bring a lot of happiness and blessing from God always in your future life.


Hamizah said...

bila lg giliran fizza?

transformed housewife said...

aah. bila giliran Fiza pulak? hehe

Affieza said...

K.Mizah & K.Nur: haha Fiza punya turn lmbt lg lah...calon pn xde lg ni..hehe

Kena hbskn degree dulu baru blh fikir psl ni..hihi

en_me said...

ammvoiii sonoknyerr nak kawen kanns.. ehehe

Unknown said...

amboi.. dah mcm pengantin gayanya...

fiza? bila?

Affieza said...

en_me: hmmm...sonoklah dh di pinang org tu..hehe

K.Yong: lmbt lg lah...huhu

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