08 January 2011


Since I'm in the practicum area rite now, there have no more lecture or tutorial again. What I'm doing right now more to administration and practice as a counselor. I need to learn many new things and accept the new environment.

- jadual tugas oentadbiran -

As a trainee counselor, people around need to called me as "Cik". I also must behave like a staff even I'm not a staff already. This things was remind by my leader during my first day come to the organization.

- senarai tugas kaunselor pelatih -

Here are the list of task that I need to do in my organization:

1) Responsible to the leader of the unit and Officer of Counseling and guidance unit
2) Assist the unit in administration, documentation and unit's operation
3) Assist the unit in manage and administer the counseling and guidance service
4) Handling the guidance, individual and group counseling session
5) Assist the unit in preparing the development service (scope of career. academic, health,
sexual, psychosocial)
6) Assist the unit in preparing the rehabilitation service (scope of behavior addiction and etc)
7) Assist the unit in handling the research and evaluation on counseling and guidance

- senarai penempatan kaunselor pelatih -

Starting by next week each trainee counselor will be work in one department. So, all of us will be place at the department that was list by our leader. It will help my friends and I to complete the task in our practicum. I will be place in the department of Electrical Engineering. So, my scope will be focusing on students in this department. They will be my client and I also need to assist this department in handling the program. Hopefully, I can help and learn something new from that department.


en_me said...

gudluck my dear cik affieza ittewww.. ehehe

Unknown said...

wat praktikal leklok...jgn memain.. :)

Affieza said...

en_me: thanks

Princeduyong: tak main pn...play2 je ckit...hehe

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