07 January 2011


I'm still new in blogging. But I feel happy to have many friends and can share everything that I'm writing with everyone who come to my blog.

Through blogging we can connect and communicate with people around the world. So, everyday I will learn many new things in blogging.

Just an introduction...hehe...what I would like to share is my blog was review by other blogger. Never expected about that but it make me smile when I read through this blog.

I don't know his real name. He use Playfulkiss as his name. He starting as blogger in September 2010. He like to review my blog as an appreciation to me in the entry of "Siapakah Follower Ke - 100?.

"Sedar2 dah 100 org follow blog saye..rasa terharu..huhu..terima kasih kepada semua yg menyokong saya dah mem FOLLOW saya ..kepada Fieza ,terima kasih dan tahniah kerana menjadi follower ke 100..tapi saya dpt ucap terima kasih dan mereview blog awak sjer la sbb saya still baru dan masih xberapa mahir buat award or lain..=p"

Thanks for that entry and I really appreciate it. Anyone who want to be his friends, you can go through his blog FN-KISS.


en_me said...

kita kawann kannns.. ehehe

Ainna Jalil said...

wahh wahh!! follower 100 sudah, buat entry best2 tau yang, mesti lagi ramai suka >.<

farez-FN-KISS said...

hai..!..thank you,terima kasih,arigato,kam sa meida,syukran sgt2 kt awk sbb wat entry psal saya..=)..n nma sbnar sya are the bset blogger..=)

Unknown said...

tahniah fieza... ;)
keep on blogging...

farez-FN-KISS said...


Affieza said...

En_me: Yupp...thanks for dropping by in my blog

Enna: bkn follower sy dh smpai 100 tp sy jd follower FN-KISS yg ke 100..tu yg dpt blog review ni...hehe

Affieza said...

Playfulkiss: welcome..u r the best too!

K.Yong: Thanks..

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