10 January 2011


Last weekends, since there have no activity and task that I needed to do, my younger sister and I decided to fulfill our part time hobby a.k.a. window shopping to a few shopping complex around KL...hehe.

If last month, most of shopping complex was decorate with Merry Christmas theme but this month while I'm walking through to a few shopping complex, there come out with Chinese New Year theme.

Presenting to you Chinese New Year decoration in a few shopping complex:-

- Chinese New Year decoration @ Sogo Complex -

- Chinese New Year decoration @ Pavilion -

- Chinese New Year decoration @ Fahrenheit -

While walking through all that places, we also stopped to take a rest and enjoy eating some delicious dishes.

- Tea break @ J.CO, Pavilion -

- Dinner's time @ Kenny Rogers, Maju Junction -

psssttt:- pasni xsmpat dh nk jln2, list utk handle n involve ngn prgrm dh bderet2 stiap weekends...huhu


ardinihumaira said...

nak sikit :D

en_me said...

ammvoiii sonoknyerrr.. ehehe

TimMie said...

lapo la plak tgok entry ni.
baek! akan ke KR wiken ni jugak. ^^

Anonymous said...

kat sini musim krismas jer ada decoration .. raya2 lain diorg x sambut pun!
bunga sakura pink tu cantik sgt, nnt musim bunga akak tayang kat blog yer

farez-FN-KISS said...

wah..sdapnyer mkn dia...

Affieza said...

Dini: meh lah dtg sini...hehe

En_me: hmmm...srnok2

Timmie: lpr ke??? jom2 g KR

Affieza said...

K.Fa10: ok kak...jgn lupa tyg yer...

Playfulkiss: yuppp...sgt sedap

Unknown said...

ccantiklah deco foto yg 1st tu..

CIK TOM said...

nak donut!!!

Anonymous said...

wawa..x ajk..nk ikt jgk..

Affieza said...

K.Yong: cantik kan..dia guna deco kipas cina

Cik Tom: meh dtg sini..hehe

Najaha: jom2..

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