26 October 2010


Nowadays social problem among teenager is really in dangerous stage in our country. Why this thing happen??? Freedom, lack of attention, influence from peer or any else...

Today, I visit one of the Moral Rehabilitation Center in Selangor. I went there with another four of my friends to finish our task. The task need all my group members to make an interview with person who live in Moral Rehabilitation Center.

Arriving there, we gave and showed the permission letter to the staff there. Before made an interview, we needed to fill the form of permission to make a research. Just a simple procedure before interview process. Each of us needed to interview two persons to settle down this task.

What I would like to share here was my experience through this interview. I made an interview with teenager who involving in illegitimate relationship until they pregnant. So sad to hear about that. But all the things that happen cannot change anything rite???

This type of problem can happen because of many factors their self, family, environment or influence by peer. So, when going through the interview I can hear two different causes and factors that causes they became like that.

The first one is about "Cinta Internet". Do you believe with this kind of love??? Just through email or maybe chatting people tend to have instinct to fall in love. For the earlier, they just connect by using that kind of technology but after that they will set a meeting somewhere to face each other. Hmmm..that time what feeling might come?? Unfortunately, when they meet each other they forget everything God, Parents, Religion, Right or Wrong. They only see excitement in the beginning of relationship. U got what I mean rite?? When this thing happen, is it they feel guilt or maybe they want to made it again and again...finally when the head seem to get headache or maybe the physical of our body change...the women side will feel??? Fear, Scared, Sad or maybe Guilt.

The other one is about "Peer Influence". Without knowing anything, friend come and invite to join together, introduce to someone...then what happen??? Of course the feeling will change from friend to special one. When the mind set say "He is the special one", the feeling to share everything with him The bad episode in the life begin. Feel fear to tell parents, ashamed to meet people but why after that and not before that? There have no more way can turn back after it happen and the result will be out after nine months..keep waiting...

In this situation, what situation will happen??? Suicide, Abortion or left from family...Everything can happen if the brain cannot function very well.

Who should be blame??? Man,Woman, Family or friends... My answer of course all of them should be blame. Man why didn't take the responsible....women why you loose with the handsome look and word of LOVE...parents where are your children rite now, with whom they went out...

All people must take it seriously if they want to reduce this immoral activities. Since they child, give a good care and attention to children. Teenage, behave yourself and think before want to take that kind of risk.

Praying for God, hopefully there will no any family members or my lovely friends involving and influence in this kind of problem. Have a good life consistency with Islamic Principle. AMIN.


CIK TOM said...

wah nice entry..dah lm ciktom nak buat entry lam xtau bl kesamapaian..yup betul..semua ptt dipersalahkan..sbb bertepuk sblh tgn xkan berbunyi!

Affieza said...

Thanx..xde lh pndai sgt pn bi ni just biasa2 jer..hehe

Really agree with u, sume pihak mmg patut d persalahkan dlm hal yg mcm ni..

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