16 October 2010


For this week, my friends and I further our task in Workplace Counseling subject by visit "Seksyen Bimbingan dan Kerjaya Staff" Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). This was the second organization after IPK Seremban before.

All of us was place in "Dewan Senat" at Student Affair Department. The place mostly will use when meeting with Board Director of university but we got the opportunity to be in that kind of place. We hear the sharing of knowledge and information by staff at there for two hours. The speaker was talked about rehabilitation program, development program and other services.

The section was headed by Encik Mohd Redzuan Bin Zamberi, Psychological Officer and assist by other two Psychological Officer Puan Rafidah Binti Sadaruddin and Puan Carmelita Binti Mohd Zainal. All of them are responsible to guide and help all the staff who facing with various kinds of problems.

After finishing on talk, we move to "Seksyen Bimbingan dan Kerjaya Staff" for visit the place. The place where all the counselor make their sessions with the clients. It was not really wide but as long as client came they can made a session.

The pic was taken in the office of "Seksyen Bimbingan dan Kerjaya Staff". The other one show the symbolic of UPM as "Green Campus". We can see they have many trees there and cannot deny if this university got that title. So calm and peaceful been there.

Thanks to all staff in this section because gave a good of treat and delicious lunch for us. Really add my information about counseling.


CIK TOM said...

best kan time study...rindu plk..

Affieza said...

Ha'ah best sgt..
Dpt create byk kngn ngn kengkawan sume..

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