22 October 2010


Early in the morning, wake up from my dreams, preparing myself for visit again. Visit...visit...visit. This is the fourth organization that my friends and I have to visit as conjunction to fulfill the task in the subject of Workplace Counseling. For today, we went to Head Quarter of Tenaga Nasional Berhad. It was located at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Why TNB? It looks weird rite? You want to pay an electric bill or do you have some problem with an electric in your home? Anybody want to answer put up your leg...huhu.

Lets joining me finishing this entry. Anybody who never went there, the picture show on Tenaga Nasional Berhad's building. Their buiding is really tall but not tallest as KL Tower or Petronas Twin Tower. The building locate on the hill and we can see the nice view of Kuala Lumpur's city. return to our objective to be there, my friends and I went to TNB to get a knowledge and information about Workplace Counseling. So, we went to Human Resource Department where there have one unit called as " Bahagian Hal Ehwal Islam Dan Perkhidmatan Kaunseling".

Arriving there around 9 am, we were greet by all TNB's staff since in the entrance door until we reach at the hall. The visit starting with the opening's speech by Tuan Haji Sobri bin Haji Shafie Head Manager in Human Resource Department. After that, we have a break for morning tea. Then, we starting to hear a talk from Encik Abdul Aziz bin Adnan, Head of Islamic Affair and Counseling's Unit. The talk was given around one hour before end by question and answer section. Really satisfied with his talk because he gave more understanding about Workplace Counseling. Thank you so much to all staff in TNB because gave us very great treat and cooperation especially Encik Abdul Aziz who answering our call for many times.

For be in TNB on 22/10/2010 my group were responsible to work out on project paper. So, this entry I would like to dedicate special appreciation to all my group members :-

Aniq Tharwan bin Sulaiman

Deputy of Director
Siti Maryam binti Mohd Zaman

Nor Hafizah binti Hussin

Deputy of Secretary
Amalina binti Ismail

Noraziela binti Othman

Committee of Food
Zulhasnidar binti Hassan
Farah Hanim

Committee of Relation
Adibah Laili binti Jamil
Nor Faezah binti Md. Saad

Committee of Transportation
Nurhafiza binti Sulaini
Nazirah binti Che Wahab

Committee of Gift
Sakinah binti Md. Noh
Norhasani binti Md. Zin

We divide the task, work out on project paper, waiting the Dean's confirmation, collecting money, deal with TNB, booking for bus, booking for food and preparing the gift. So many things to do but we can do it. We work hard and cooperate to settle down all the thing and today we arriving at TNB. This experience is really precious to buy and that's why I feel free to write all your name here to ensure the memory not be forgotten in other ten years, twenty years and so on.

Now, we can smile as much as we can because my group already finishing the task successfully but not to happy at all because the report will wait for us. Reflect, reflect and reflect...can't run from our life as a counseling's students..huhu

psssttt:- agk terkilan apabila tiba turn group ktorg, my lecturer can't joining us together to TNB


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