03 October 2010


We Must First Decide :

How Good I Want To Be ?

How Far I Want To Go ?

How Hard I Want To Work ?


A Problem Must Exist

The winner is part of the answer;

The loser is always a part of the problem.

The winner always has a plan;

The loser always has an excuse.

The winner says 'let me do it for you';

The loser says 'that's not my jobs'.

The winner sees an answer in every problem;

The loser sees a problem in every answer.

The winner sees a green near every sand trap;

The loser sees a sand trap near every green.

The winner says 'it's may be difficult but it's possible';

The loser says 'it's may be possible but it's difficult'.


CIK TOM said...

wah nice entry..betul diri kita sendiri yang tentukan nak jadi pe n apa...huhu

Affieza said...

Ha'ah...u are rite Cik Tom...

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