12 December 2012


Bermulalah kisah kami peserta GEMS SCR07A...

Aktiviti kami bermula pada sebelah malamnya. Bermula dengan introduction and briefing by Site Management. Untuk permulaan ni kami semua didedahkan dengan 3 perkara penting yang perlu diambil perhatian. Gems Song, Gems Pledge and also Gems trademark. 

Here we go:- 

(Gems Song - Lyrics by Azlin Hezri) 

Priceless scrolls are in our hands
Sweat of hardship, such a lot to remind
The nation needs us, too much to be done
Let's get down, coz it's payback time

Like gemstones, (always) beautiful and priceless
Each one is special, own colour and space
Strong, powerful and full of goodness
Ready to be used, bringing life and grace

Courage, strength and determination
Got to be strong, if we wanna brave through
Confidence, discipline and moderation
The world needs us, so let's shine through

If we fall, just got to stand up
Failure is success, lessons well learnt
Go on climbing, just don't ever stop
Trust ourselves. we'll be on track again

Once we're there, humble ourselves
Taking deep breaths, to face new day
Together we stand and pray to be blessed
Leaders of tomorrow, we're here to stay
Leaders of tomorrow, we're here to stay

Settle part lagu, kami disuruh pula utk praktis membaca ikrar

(Gems Pledge)

I, do solemnly affirm,
To participate
In the Gems Programme
To the best of my ability,
To uphold
The expectations of
The nation,
To perform and discharge
The duties incumbent upon me
To respect and abide
By the rules
That govern us,
In the true spirit of
Improving ourselves
For a better future

Then, the last one our trademark




Practice...Rehearse..Practice...Rehearse until 1.30 am for the first day. 

psssttt:- utk kwn2 yg tetiba rindu nk nyanyi lagu Gems lg pas2 ni mehlah singgah sini...hihi


wakgelas said...

wak pon tumpang sonok yeee..., ehhEeh

transformed housewife said...

kursus apa tu?

Affieza said...

@Wak Gelas: ha'ah sonok sgt wak!!! huhu

@K.Nur: Kursus Skim Pengurusan Peningkatan Nilai Siswazah

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