31 July 2011


Happy Fasting for Ramadhan 1432H

30 July 2011


Weekends come again!!!!! For this weekends my friends and I went to Semenyih. We decided to visit our friend's house.

While we on the way to Semenyih, we saw the waterfall near the road. Normally, we see or view the waterfall in 'Hutan Simpan'.

We stopped there and took some photos. There have no people bath at there. I think maybe the waterfall not really suitable to bath because of the location.

We took a few photos with a background of waterfall and after that we continue our journey to Semenyih.

27 July 2011


Malam minggu kalau xde pape, inilah keje kitaorg. Melepak di tengah2 kepekatan malam sambil melihat lampu-lampu yang menerangi Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

Lokasi kali ni kt area Ampang Saujana. Memang terasa bahang kesejukannya pabila berdiri di pinggiran jalan ni.

Sempat gak posing2 kt tepi jalan raya walaupun persekitaran dah gelap.

23 July 2011


Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W :

Bulan Rejab adalah bulan Allah
Bulan Syaaban adalah bulanku dan
Bulan RAMADHAN adalah bulan umatku...

Di manakah persediaan kita untuk menyambut ketibaan bulan Ramadhan?????
- Renungan Bersama -

22 July 2011


Do you love chocolate??? of course I love it so much.

But nowadays, 'Homemade Chocolate' was really famous. It was because they come with various kinds of shape and nice decoration. really nice rite?? You can make it as a door gift especially during birthday party or maybe special event like mother's day celebration and wedding day.

Anyone interested with that kind of Homemade Chocolate??? You can order too through Cty's Choc Facebook or visit their blog for more detail. Special promotion wait for you for this coming Hari Raya. Don't worry it come with affordable price.

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