31 October 2010


Recently, I joined Brain Teaser of The Day : Guess and Win! organized by A Transformed Housewife. first time joined this kind of Brain Teaser. Unexpected when I was announced as one of the winner.

Congratulations to Makcik Rehan and K.Yong too bcoz won it. The selection of the winner were picked by the correct answer that given by us.

Next time, I want to join it again..huhu. Thanks a lot to K.Nur.

30 October 2010


Finally, semester 7 ends. Time flies so fast. Alhamdulillah grateful to God for gave me the opportunity to finish my 7 semester successfully. One semester to be left before holding Bachelor of Counseling with Honor. For the last semester next year, I already become a practicum counselor. It really challenging, the real situation will be facing by me.

For this semester, I feel relax and enjoy because I only had two days of classes comparing the semester before this which I had classes for everyday. It happen because I just took three subjects including Workplace Counseling, Moral Rehabilitation Counseling and also Current Social Issues.

Even only three subjects that I took but the task came with various types such visit, interview and also the presentation and assignment. Each subject have their own task that I need to be finish. So, for the visit I needed to arrange a visit to the organization that selected by my lecturer. For an interview I needed to find and search for Moral Rehabilitation Center to make an interview with the people who were placed at there. For the presentation, I need to collect information and content through book or internet. It was not easy even it look little subject.

Besides that, there also have a program that I joined outside of university during this semester. For the earlier semester, I went to SMA Al-Ihsan, Kuantan, Pahang for motivation program with students in Form3, 5, and Upper Six. That was my first experience as a facilitator to a group of students. I enjoy doing that task. Besides that, I also joined the program at University of Malaya which is "Seminar Kaunseling". The seminar was collaboration between both universities Malaysia and Indonesia.

Furthermore, there also have many forum that I going through which were Current Social Forum, talk from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) and also Financial Seminar by AKPK. All of this show to my friends and I there have a lot of information we need to have and know for becoming a great counselor. " Counselor must be knowledgeable", and "Good Listener".

The challenging part that I needed to go through for this semester was my academic project entitle "The relationship between Stress and Personality among First Year Students in Faculty of Leadership and Management, USIM. I need to settle down this academic project in one semester and must be submitted before doing my practicum next year. It really take an effort and time to finish it on time.

As I told in the previous entry, this semester is the last semester I will be at USIM and next year all of us will be on their own way and separate each other. North, South, West and East will separate all of us. Prepared for our practicum in various kind of organizations that select by our self.

It was all about my experience and activities through this semester. Thanks to everyone who help me in any matters. All of u such a great person...

29 October 2010


Yesterday, my friends and I went to Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) to complete my task for Workplace Counseling subject. It was the last organization that visited by us since we already went for four organization before. Now, the task for this subject already finished and as usual if u are counseling students, u need to make a reflection for all the organization that have visited before.

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), one of an agency of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, was established on 1 March 1966 under an Act of Parliament as a statutory body as a result of the first Bumiputera Economic Congress resolution on the previous year.

It is the duty of the Council to promote, encourage, facilitate and carry out economic and social development in the federal and especially in rural areas.

For this visit, we went to Counseling Unit in Human Resource Department. The talk was given by Madam Norhayati Binti Mohd Noor who is leader in this unit and assist by Sir Mohd Zamri. She shared and discussed with us about the function of counseling unit at MARA. She also told about the service that provided at there and the cases that handle by the unit.

All of us was placed in a room to hear the talk. But before that, we take a breakfast that provided by staff there. Thanks a lot to all staff in Counseling Unit, MARA because gave a cooperation during our visit.

Finally, the group site visit for workplace counseling already finished. I'm really happy with this visit. Many new information and knowledge that my friends and I got through this visit. The important thing that we must remind it is really challenging to become a workplace counselor. So, those who are interest..prepare yourself to face with the challenging in the future.

psssttt: nak termuntah rasa nk menyiapkan reflection utk task dh selamat hntar pn kt my


27 October 2010


Since this is my last week in USIM, I take this opportunity to snap all the moments in my university with my lovely frenz...

The last day I touch my matrix card to record my attendance...

The last presentation for this semester...

The last day we took Sidek's Canopy Bus and the other one in USIM's van...

The last lecture as a degree students...

The last space we spend time to share, talk, discuss in the foyer together...

Dearest frenz...

We stand in a circle of memory...

Remember all the time together...

Appreciate our moments that we create here...

Friendship will never die till the ends...

26 October 2010


Nowadays social problem among teenager is really in dangerous stage in our country. Why this thing happen??? Freedom, lack of attention, influence from peer or any else...

Today, I visit one of the Moral Rehabilitation Center in Selangor. I went there with another four of my friends to finish our task. The task need all my group members to make an interview with person who live in Moral Rehabilitation Center.

Arriving there, we gave and showed the permission letter to the staff there. Before made an interview, we needed to fill the form of permission to make a research. Just a simple procedure before interview process. Each of us needed to interview two persons to settle down this task.

What I would like to share here was my experience through this interview. I made an interview with teenager who involving in illegitimate relationship until they pregnant. So sad to hear about that. But all the things that happen cannot change anything rite???

This type of problem can happen because of many factors their self, family, environment or influence by peer. So, when going through the interview I can hear two different causes and factors that causes they became like that.

The first one is about "Cinta Internet". Do you believe with this kind of love??? Just through email or maybe chatting people tend to have instinct to fall in love. For the earlier, they just connect by using that kind of technology but after that they will set a meeting somewhere to face each other. Hmmm..that time what feeling might come?? Unfortunately, when they meet each other they forget everything God, Parents, Religion, Right or Wrong. They only see excitement in the beginning of relationship. U got what I mean rite?? When this thing happen, is it they feel guilt or maybe they want to made it again and again...finally when the head seem to get headache or maybe the physical of our body change...the women side will feel??? Fear, Scared, Sad or maybe Guilt.

The other one is about "Peer Influence". Without knowing anything, friend come and invite to join together, introduce to someone...then what happen??? Of course the feeling will change from friend to special one. When the mind set say "He is the special one", the feeling to share everything with him The bad episode in the life begin. Feel fear to tell parents, ashamed to meet people but why after that and not before that? There have no more way can turn back after it happen and the result will be out after nine months..keep waiting...

In this situation, what situation will happen??? Suicide, Abortion or left from family...Everything can happen if the brain cannot function very well.

Who should be blame??? Man,Woman, Family or friends... My answer of course all of them should be blame. Man why didn't take the responsible....women why you loose with the handsome look and word of LOVE...parents where are your children rite now, with whom they went out...

All people must take it seriously if they want to reduce this immoral activities. Since they child, give a good care and attention to children. Teenage, behave yourself and think before want to take that kind of risk.

Praying for God, hopefully there will no any family members or my lovely friends involving and influence in this kind of problem. Have a good life consistency with Islamic Principle. AMIN.

25 October 2010


Mood ketika entry di taip : S.E.D.I.H

Apa kena lh ngn tajuk entry ni agknya yer...hmmm ntah lh I can't describe what situation I'm rite now

Sape yg selalu follow baca kt sini mmg tau blog ni mmg senantiasa happy2..ceria2..colourful, pic2 pn gembira jer kn tp hari ini buat pertama kali nyer aku ingin mengubah mood menjadi mood yg agk emotional. Sesape yg agk sng dpt simptom emotional tu.. sila sediakan tisu secukupnye yer...huhu

Pejam celik, celik pejam, pejam celik jgn tak celik2 sudah...aku kini telah berada di minggu terakhir sbg seorang student USIM. Kejap jer masa.. rasa mcm bru smlm tarikh 30 Jun 2007 berlalu. Tapi hakikatnya itulah 3tahun yg dh aku lalui di bumi Nilai ini.

Sgt sensitif dgn satu perkataan ni "AKHIR" bese minggu ni merupakan minggu akhir aku berada di USIM, mengikuti kuliah2 terakhir dri pensyarah, menghadiri tutorial2 terakhir, menghabiskan cebisan masa bersama teman2 tersayang...hmmmm sedihnyer.

Semalam berlalu begitu pantas...semalam kita sama2 berkuliah di dewan kuliah, semalam kita sama2 bertutorial di bilik tutorial, semalam kita sama2 berhempas pulas menyiapkan assignment...tdo bgun, bgn tdo tp tak siap jgk smbg lg esok, semalam kita tolak-menolak utk presentation..nervous xtau nk ckp mcmana, program mgu ni, mgu dpn, bln dpn, dan mcm2 lg smpai xtau nk ckp kt org..tapi itu semua dh berlalu. Yang tinggal kini hanya bilah2 hari yg pasti akn menjanjikan detik yg tak di ingini P.E.R.P.I.S.A.H.A.N.

Suka, duka, kita tempuhi bersama mana mungkin dpt di ulang lagi, kalau boleh sekali pun ianya takkan sama dengan yg kita pernah sama2 tempuhi. Aku melawak korang suka, korang melawak aku suka...mana mungkin dpt aku lupakan saat itu weh...toooloooonggg

Hari ini, dari segi fizikalnya mungkin aku mampu melemparkan senyuman untuk teman2 di sisi, tapi hakikatnya emosi aku agk terkesan mcamana aku nak menghadapi saat itu P.E.R.P.I.S.A.H.A.N.

Hari ini, esok, lusa dan seterusnya, kita akn berada di detik itu juga. Duhai teman2 ku, korang sedar tak ni??? Kita bergurau, berlawak, bergaduh pn minggu ni jer lg...please gunakan detik ini sebaiknya...syg korang sume sgt2. Mana mungkin 7semaster bersama, sedikit pn tak terkesan di hati korang, hrpnyer korang sedar masa untuk bersama semakin sedikit ni..









Jom kita nyanyi2 jap.....

Pertemuan kita di suatu hari,

Menitipkan ukhwah yg sejati,
Bersyukur ku kehadrat Ilahi,
Di atas jalinan yg suci.

Namun kini, namun kini,
PERPISAHAN yg terjadi.......

Ok..ok..dah2 nanti tak pasal2 kena tambah tisu lg ni. Sape tau lagu ni korang sambung sendiri lh ye...hehe

Cukup dulu setakat ni...xtau nk ckp camne lg ni...sed
ih sgt tp detik itu semakin hampir. I will miss u forever and ever my lovely frenz.

psssttt:- sedih2 gk tp assignment byk lg nk kena submitt ni, off to KL tomorrow settle down
interview part 4 subject Moral Rehabilitation Counseling.

24 October 2010


Kadang kala

ketika kita menangis

tiada orang nampak tangisan kita

Kadang kala

ketika kita sedang menderita

tiada orang nampak derita kita

Kadang kala

ketika kita risau

tiada org nampak kerisauan kita

Kadang kala

ketika kita gembira

tiada org nampak kegembiraan kita










tapi KENTUT !! Sekali je cukup....

Semua orang tau!!



22 October 2010


Early in the morning, wake up from my dreams, preparing myself for visit again. Visit...visit...visit. This is the fourth organization that my friends and I have to visit as conjunction to fulfill the task in the subject of Workplace Counseling. For today, we went to Head Quarter of Tenaga Nasional Berhad. It was located at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Why TNB? It looks weird rite? You want to pay an electric bill or do you have some problem with an electric in your home? Anybody want to answer put up your leg...huhu.

Lets joining me finishing this entry. Anybody who never went there, the picture show on Tenaga Nasional Berhad's building. Their buiding is really tall but not tallest as KL Tower or Petronas Twin Tower. The building locate on the hill and we can see the nice view of Kuala Lumpur's city. return to our objective to be there, my friends and I went to TNB to get a knowledge and information about Workplace Counseling. So, we went to Human Resource Department where there have one unit called as " Bahagian Hal Ehwal Islam Dan Perkhidmatan Kaunseling".

Arriving there around 9 am, we were greet by all TNB's staff since in the entrance door until we reach at the hall. The visit starting with the opening's speech by Tuan Haji Sobri bin Haji Shafie Head Manager in Human Resource Department. After that, we have a break for morning tea. Then, we starting to hear a talk from Encik Abdul Aziz bin Adnan, Head of Islamic Affair and Counseling's Unit. The talk was given around one hour before end by question and answer section. Really satisfied with his talk because he gave more understanding about Workplace Counseling. Thank you so much to all staff in TNB because gave us very great treat and cooperation especially Encik Abdul Aziz who answering our call for many times.

For be in TNB on 22/10/2010 my group were responsible to work out on project paper. So, this entry I would like to dedicate special appreciation to all my group members :-

Aniq Tharwan bin Sulaiman

Deputy of Director
Siti Maryam binti Mohd Zaman

Nor Hafizah binti Hussin

Deputy of Secretary
Amalina binti Ismail

Noraziela binti Othman

Committee of Food
Zulhasnidar binti Hassan
Farah Hanim

Committee of Relation
Adibah Laili binti Jamil
Nor Faezah binti Md. Saad

Committee of Transportation
Nurhafiza binti Sulaini
Nazirah binti Che Wahab

Committee of Gift
Sakinah binti Md. Noh
Norhasani binti Md. Zin

We divide the task, work out on project paper, waiting the Dean's confirmation, collecting money, deal with TNB, booking for bus, booking for food and preparing the gift. So many things to do but we can do it. We work hard and cooperate to settle down all the thing and today we arriving at TNB. This experience is really precious to buy and that's why I feel free to write all your name here to ensure the memory not be forgotten in other ten years, twenty years and so on.

Now, we can smile as much as we can because my group already finishing the task successfully but not to happy at all because the report will wait for us. Reflect, reflect and reflect...can't run from our life as a counseling's students..huhu

psssttt:- agk terkilan apabila tiba turn group ktorg, my lecturer can't joining us together to TNB

21 October 2010


7.30 AM...Pom...Pom...Pom...
Bus already arriving at my residential college.
So early??? It will be late if I'm not took the bus on that time.
For what??? Visiting again for this week.
Where??? Today my friends and I went to Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara (UITM) Shah Alam.

Arriving there...ape lg my Samsung S860 doing their job..huhu. Snap here...snap there to have as many as can the beautiful pictures. .huhu. That was some view of UITM, Shah Alam. Starting by entrance gate follow by the canselori and also the department.

The place that my friends and I visiting for today is "Bahagian Perkhidmatan Psikologi"(BPPs).It was built on 2002 and the first IPTA who have that kind of service which means workplace counseling. It was headed by Madam Nor Hanita Binti Mohd Shariff and assist by another staff as u can see on the pictures above. There have four counselors who in charge to handle a session with all staff in all UITM at Malaysia.

There have two counseling rooms which called as "Bilik As-Sakinah". The session will be handling there. U can see the demonstration between counselor and clients..hehe. The room is really therapeutic to have session. The environment, arrangement and also the colour of that room can influence clients to come again and again.

Before leaving, there have gift giving session between two sides of USIM and UITM. Thanks a lot to all staff in "Bahagian Perkhidmatan Psikologi, UITM,Shah Alam. After that, we had one hour journey back to Nilai. All the experience and knowledge that we got for today will be reflect in our report. To all my frenz lets do your report...huhu.

16 October 2010


For this week, my friends and I further our task in Workplace Counseling subject by visit "Seksyen Bimbingan dan Kerjaya Staff" Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). This was the second organization after IPK Seremban before.

All of us was place in "Dewan Senat" at Student Affair Department. The place mostly will use when meeting with Board Director of university but we got the opportunity to be in that kind of place. We hear the sharing of knowledge and information by staff at there for two hours. The speaker was talked about rehabilitation program, development program and other services.

The section was headed by Encik Mohd Redzuan Bin Zamberi, Psychological Officer and assist by other two Psychological Officer Puan Rafidah Binti Sadaruddin and Puan Carmelita Binti Mohd Zainal. All of them are responsible to guide and help all the staff who facing with various kinds of problems.

After finishing on talk, we move to "Seksyen Bimbingan dan Kerjaya Staff" for visit the place. The place where all the counselor make their sessions with the clients. It was not really wide but as long as client came they can made a session.

The pic was taken in the office of "Seksyen Bimbingan dan Kerjaya Staff". The other one show the symbolic of UPM as "Green Campus". We can see they have many trees there and cannot deny if this university got that title. So calm and peaceful been there.

Thanks to all staff in this section because gave a good of treat and delicious lunch for us. Really add my information about counseling.

15 October 2010


Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) dengan kerjasama Persatuan Kaunseling Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (KLCA) telah menganjurkan satu Kolokium Profesionalisme Guru Bimbingan Dan Kaunseling sebagaimana berikut:-

Hari: Rabu & Khamis
Tarikh: 13 &14 Oktober 2010
Tempat: Dewan Kuliah Pusat 3, USIM

Program ini telah melibatkan semua warga guru Bimbingan dan Kaunseling di sekitar Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur. Program ini telah di pecahkan kepada slot2 yang berbeza di mana para pembentang membentangkan topik yang berbeza antara satu sama lain. Antara pembentang yang terlibat dalam Kolokium ini terdiri daripada Dr. Abdul Halim Mohd Hussin, Prof.Datin Seri Dr. Hajjah Mizan Adiliah Ahmad Ibrahim, Dr. Hamizah Mohd Hassan, Prof.Madya Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj dll.

Saya juga berkesempatan untuk mengikuti program ini yang mana ianya memberi pendedahan kepada bakal-bakal kaunselor tentang pengetahuan dan ilmu yang bermanfaat untuk di gunakan pada masa hadapan. Walaupun, saya hanya mengikuti 2 slot dari keseluruhan program ini, tetapi ianya cukup memberi manfaat dan pengetahuan yang lebih luas di dalam bidang yang berkaitan dengan kaunseling.

Apa yang dapat di cedok sepanjang program berlangsung tadi, akan saya kongsikan dengan semua reader di blog ini. Di mulakan dengan slot terakhir di mana Prof. Madya Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj telah membincangkan tajuk "Kesihatan Seksual Dan Reproduktif Remaja".

Tajuk yang di bincangkan agak menarik kerana kita dapat melihat pada masa sekarang terlalu banyak berlakunya gejala seksual di kalangan remaja.

Ini antara aspek yang penting dalam kehidupan
- Biologikal (fizikal) ~ tubuh badan
- Emosi ~ perasaan sayang, cinta, hormat
- Akal ~ organ seks yg paling penting
- Social ~ interaksi antara sesama dan berlainan jantina
- Spiritual ~ memberi makna kepada diri

Seks melambangkan keindahan moral. Manusia hina kerana seks. Manusia mulia sekiranya
mampu mengekang nafsu seks.

Seks adalah ekspresi diri. Tidak boleh ada kekangan limitasi dalam ekspresi.

Seks adalah komponen penting dalam kehidupan. Perlu di atur dan di tangani dengan baik.

Remaja yg sihat seksualnya:-
- menghargai tubuh badan
- bertanggungjawab thdp stiap tingkahlaku
- bkomunikasi dgn bkesan dan terhormat
- meluahkan rasa cinta dan keintiman melalui cara yg bsesuaian dgn usianya

Ciri2 Ibu bapa yg sihat seksualnya:-
- mnunjukkan nilai, hormat, pnerimaan dan kpecayaan
- mnonjolkn sikap yg sihat thdp seksualiti dlm hubungan mereka
- tdk mudah mhukum dlm aspek seksualiti
- blh berbincang ttg seksualiti kpd ank2
- mberikan mklumat bkenaan seksualiti kpd ank2
- sntiasa mdptkn bimbingan dan mklumat bkaitan
- cuba memahami pdgn ank2
- mbantu ank mrk memahami nilai dan pegangan hidup masing2
- mengadakan peraturan dan batasan bg aktiviti ank2 di luar kwsn psekolahan

Strategi menangani masalah kesihatan seks remaja:-
- membentuk sikap yg betul
- gaya hidup yg bernilai
- tutup ruang dan peluang dan kesempatan berzina
- penguatkuasaan undang2

Bagi slot yang sebelumnya pula telah di bentangkan oleh Dr.Hamizah Binti Mohd Hassan dari Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN). Topik yang di bincangkan dalam slot ini juga tidak kurang hebatnya iaitu "Kecelaruan Gender".

Kecelaruan gender merupakan satu komponen masalah remaja. Ianya boleh dibahagikan kpd 2:
1) Kecelaruan gender (lelaki, perempuan)
2) Kecelaruan peranan gender (pakaian)

Kecelaruan identiti gender ialah diagnosis yg di berikan oleh doktor dan psikologi utk mgmbrkn:

- memakai pkaian jantina berlawanan krn memuaskan nafsu

- istilah seseorang yg memakai jantina yg berlainan

Kecelaruan Gender (kriteria yg mesti ada)
- keinginan yg kuat dan berpanjangan utk jd jantina berlawanan
- merasakn diri tperangkap dlm jntina yg salah dan benci dgn alat kelamin sendiri
- tiada masalah khunsa
- mengalami gangguan significant kpd diri, tmpt kerja dan khidupan sosial

Punca:- tidak ada punca yg tepat

- masalah emosi resah dan murung
- tidak gembira, kesunyian dan terasing
- mudah jd mangsa ejekan,buli dan sasaran
- mengasingkan diri dari interaksi dan aktiviti sosial

Inilah sedikit sebanyak intipati yg berjaya diseludup masuk ke saraf otak ku sepanjang separuh hari berada di dalam dewan tersebut. Tersangatlah sejuk aircondnyer...Sebenarnya banyak lagi maklumat tapi dah lupa...huhu

Walaubagaimanapun, program ini telah berjaya menambahkan lagi pengetahuanku yg tak seberapa ini. Terima kasih utk semua yg terlibat secara langsung @ tak lansung dlm mjayakan program ini.

14 October 2010


Recently, 10 October 2010, in Dataran Merdeka there have a program called as "Cabaran 1 dalam 10000". The program involving 10000 "pesilat" from all state in our country. With the trademark of "Satu Suara, Satu Hati" all of them show the performance in the middle of Dataran Merdeka. Most of them in black uniform. They came with various group of age including students in primary school, students in secondary school, teenagers or adults. The major target is to fulfill the 10000 "pesilat" in Dataran Merdeka as conjunction with the date of 10 October 2010.

Malaysia Book of Record - The Largest Martial Art Performance

The rehearsal starting in the morning until noon and continue with the real performance at 3pm. Their face seem like burn because stay at there from morning till evening. It's really hot on that time and I can see all of them easily get exhausted. But, they can finishing the performance successfully.


Behind the scene...
There were three women who doing their job...
What is it???
Photography session...huhu...
As long as, the road was close to all transports, so it made easily to snap a pic with our country historical building.

"The building has long been a landmark for Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. Its predominantly Moorish appearance suitably reflects the cultural background of Malaysia."

The Sultan Abdul Samad building was constructed in 1897 and has long been a landmark for Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. The unique Moorish-style building has a 41m clock tower, dubbed 'Big Ben'.

The design of this building was undertaken by a British architect, A.C Norman, who worked for the Public Works Department at that time. In designing this building, he took into consideration some of the features of buildings in several Islamic countries. The predominantly Moorish appearance of the building suitably reflects the cultural background of Malaysia.

The site of this beautiful building was carefully chosen. It is conveniently located at the center of the old mining town of Kuala Lumpur. It once served as the Colonial Secretariat office, but now houses the Supreme and High Courts.

Many historical events had been held in front of this building. Among them was the declaration of independence of Malaysia (Malaya then) on 31 August, 1957 and the lowering of the Union Jack. On 1 January 1982, the clock tower became the venue for another historic event when the time between Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore were standardized.

In front of the building is the Dataran Merdeka (or Merdeka Square). It was here,the Union Jack flag was lowered and the Malayan flag hoisted for the first time at midnight on August 31, 1957. The Dataran Merdeka was officially opened on January 1, 1990, in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 1990.

The Merdeka Square symbolized British sovereignty as it was a cricket ground for the colonial administrators and fronted the Royal Selangor Club, Malaya's most exclusive whites-only club.

psssttt:- assignment2 sudah mula smpai due date utk d submitt, tp plan untuk hung out pn berderet2 kt kepala I ni..wwhahah...

12 October 2010


Finally, Maher Zain in front of me...never expected about that.

Actually, I'm not a fan of him just going through with his song.
The "aura" of him bcoz he delivered nasyid in english version.

Location: Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 10 October 2010
Time : 3.30 - 4.00 PM
Activity : A day with fans in Malaysia

He dedicated "Barakallah" to all people who came that evening.
He also thanks to all people who came and joined him on that day.
The causes that I be there too because I'm in that area that time,
so I took the opportunity to see him live.

"Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka
Alaikumaa wa jama'a bainakuma fii khaiiir"

See, the fans of him took his autograph and pictures. For Maher Zain's fans hope u satisfied with the session with him. Even only half hour, but I think they already feel happy because can met with him face to face.
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