29 July 2010


Recently, I got the opportunity to watch film entitle : Balada Gadis HIV. The film was about one hour. My friends and I needed to watch that film because it had a relation with our courses for this semester which is Counseling for Moral Rehabilitation. After finished watching my friends and I needed to make a reflection based on that film.

What can I shared the film is about a child who never got any guidance and right direction since she was a child. She also got a bad moment in their child's life because had been raped by her father. That incident was the beginning she came into drug and immoral activities. I feel so sad to watch that kinds of situation that needed to face by her.

After many years been in that situation, she got "hidayah" to change her life. Actually she is not alone to face that. Many people willing to help her back to God and learn to be in right direction. AADK almost giving the readiness to help that kind of person. I also attract with one woman who is Madam Arfidah Binti Abd. Latiff. She giving of her life to help people back to the right direction.

I still remembered I met with her at Rumah Sinar Salam last semester. She actually was my friend's interviewee while I made an interview with her husband. I went there with others two of my friends Sakinah and Aziela to finish my assignment for subject Counseling for Drug Rehabilitation. Both of them were really acceptance to give cooperation for us to make an interview. The interview running smoothly until 11 pm.

I went there after Maghrib Prayer and got the opportunity to meet with HIV's child who was born that morning. The child is not innocent but who actually should be blame in that case??

Madam Arfidah also brought us to see other child who stay at there. There have one hundred and plus plus children who stay there. She also told there are other three places like that already opened by her and husband. The motive only one to give them place to live and to bring back their way of life.

I feel excited to have this experience with my friends. Can you imagine I walked with my friends in Lorong Haji Taib 3 around crazy right. Actually I feel scared but in the other part there also have a brave in myself and also my friends. I do not know whether I will do that kinds of experience again in my life.

Through the journey I can see variuos kinds of people with their own style and the colourful of was bad in my view. They do not ignore about time and still walk and talk around the road.

From this experience, I really proud with Encik Raja Azizan Suhaimi and Puan Arfidah in their contribution to help child, teenager, men and women who involved in drug abuse to get back the right way of life.

Who are really-really willingness to help that kinds of people (drug addicts, HIV)??????...Person, People, Committee, Police, Counselor.....

26 July 2010







Last Saturday, I joined a motivation program at Kuantan, Pahang. The program had been run at Sek. Men. Agama Al-Ikhsan. The students in form four, five and six involved in this program

All my friends and I involve as a facilitator to all of them. We need to face with the students in LDK activities and the other part we do it together. There also had a motivation talk by lecturer from FKP Encik Zaki who talk about time management and a brief view about USIM. The purpose only one to promote our university to all students at that school. If they interest to apply for USIM in the future they can apply it.

The program had been run successfully and great. I can saw all people enjoyed to take part in this program. Wishing u thank you to all my lovely frenz Final Year Counseling Program because gave a full commitment to handle this program. This memory will be never forgotten.I love all of you my dearest frenz.

19 July 2010


Speak...out, speak...out, speak out...Hmmm...the value for today class. Actually today my lecturer made a change in her exercise during the lecture's time. What is the change??..All of us need to speak out from our seat place to give an answer. Before this, she ask for one of representative from every group to come in front for presenting idea but today class we need to face the change.

My lecturer said " come on my dear students you are in the final year, you must be able to speak out in front of people. For me, to speak in front of people must have a speak it spontaneously make me feel nervous...How to change it??????????

As a good student I need to be confident in what I am trying to do...four years that I need to face with that situation made me really think why a person mush has confident in their self. But to change it for 100% is not something easy, even I always came in front for a presentation. It was not enough to be confident.

I like to give attention to a person who being able to speak out in front of people without any nervous. They came out with the idea and presenting it as well. When I can be like that?? The changes cannot happen if the trial does not exist.I really know about that but still like there have no changes in myself.

What ever it is there have always a challenging to become a great one. All of the challenges have the solution if I want to change. It depends on "me".

17 July 2010


It seem like yesterday I came to Nilai,
It seem like yesterday I registered as university's student,
It seem like yesterday I came to Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM),
It seem like yesterday I been a part of Counseling's student,
It seem like yesterday I met with a new friends from various kind of states,

It seem like yesterday I learnt together in the Lecture's Room (DKP,DKF, DKS),
It seem like yesterday I discussed together in the Tutorial's Room (BTS, BKS),
It seem like yesterday I finished my assignment,
It seem like yesterday I handled the session,
It seem like yesterday I made a presentation,

It seem like yesterday I am in the First Year,
It seem like yesterday I am in the Second Year,
It seem like yesterday I am in the Third Year,

Now, I am in the Final Year,
One year to be finish,
In the reality all of them is a circle of memory,
Wonderful time, Precious time that might not be forgotten,

The time running out,
Day by day, month by month and year by year,
All that moments I left out,
Looking through for my future undertaking,
With the flying colours,

Next year will be the end,
For my first degree,
Bachelor of Counseling and Honour,
Grateful for everything,
Hope to have blessing from God all the time.

13 July 2010


Spain Beats Netherlands and Wins World Cup 2010

The exhausting soccer battle in Johannesburg, South Africa finally ended and World cup has a new champion. The Spaniards leaves the soccer city victorious. Finally, Spain rules the soccer world, winning the World Cup at long, long last. Spain beats Netherlands by precarious 1-0 victory on Sunday. Two years after winning the European title, the talented Spaniards did even better.


10 July 2010


Tonight, i will take a bus to Nilai....Welcome back to Nilai after two months at home with my lovely family. Seem like two months is too short and now the beginning of my new semester will starting this coming Monday.
Finally, i am in the Fourth Year which mean Final Year for my studies in USIM. I already finishing three years with many kinds of subject, assignment and presentation. Now in this semester 7, i will face with a few new subject to complete my degree as well.
The challenging part for this semester, my friends and i need to settle down our academic project (thesis) to fulfill our course. I am really lucky to have a great lecturer Prof. Madya Dr. Hajjah Sapora Binti Sipon as my supervisor. I will refer to her for helping me in this academic project.
When a new semester come, we share a lot of experience and story with my frenz after two months never meet. Funny, enjoyable, interesting is the key to have a wonderful friendship with all my frenz.
'Nothing is Precious But Frienship.This semester is the last sem we learn together in the lecture room or tutorial room coz the next sem which is last sem we need to settle down our practical in various kinds of organization. So, this sem we stay together, but the other sem we will go on our own direction north, east, west and south to complete our practical. Dearest my frenz gud luck and have a happy moments for this new semester.
Hopefully, i can face this semester nicely and doing my very great job to become a good person in my life. Always pray to God for my blessing.
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