28 February 2010


Afidah Ab Latif, founder and supervisor of Rumah Sinar Salam

Despite the government's continuous effort to give Chow Kit a clean image, the area is still synonymous with immoral activities.

Chow Kit is a notorious 'hangout' for drug addicts and sex workers.

But amidst public's scorn and gibe, there is a place called home for some of these women who seek repentance and want to turn a new leaf in their lives.

With the blessing and financial support from the Federal Territory Islamic Religion Department (JAWI), Rumah Sinar Salam (named after its patron, Yayasan Salam, which provides skill and management assistance), opened its doors last Dec 1, to women who seek to be rehabilitated.

Today, Rumah Sinar Salam has seven full time residents, with about 30 others who regularly drop in to seek counselling and assistance. Some 85 percent of these women are Malays.


According to Afidah Ab Latif, founder and supervisor of Rumah Sinar Salam, several Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have previously established shelters elsewhere for women, but these were not effective due to their remote location.

But why choose Chow Kit as the location for Rumah Sinar Salam?

"This area has a notorious reputation. I purposefully chose this place because I believe that the shelter would benefit many of the unfortunate souls who linger here," explained Afidah.

She added that JAWI has given its blessings and has provided an initial RM100,000 grant for Rumah Nur Salam, located at No 6A First Floor, Lorong Haji Taib 3, 50350 Kuala Lumpur.

According to Afidah, she invited JAWI's Director Datuk Che Mat Che Ali together with officers from JAWI and the National Anti-narcotic Agency (AADK) to accompany her in her initial outreach programme around Chow Kit, in July 2007.

"When they saw with their own eyes the myriad of social ills -- including the drug addicts and sex workers -- that has infected the area, they immediately agreed to set up Rumah Sinar Salam.

"For a start, we accept the homeless, HIV sufferers, drug addicts and sex workers who want to turn a new leaf," said Afidah.

The shelter is quite willing to take in those who have repented and wants to work as full-time volunteers here, she told Bernama in an interview recently, adding that "they are the ones who know their friends best."


Rumah Sinar Salam is open to those who seek guidance and assistance, but they have to abide with its rules and regulations if they want to stay there.

"There is no such thing as a free meal here. We have rules and regulations to follow, they cannot simply come and go as they please. We want to supervise their movements so as to prevent them from lapsing into their former habit," she explained.

In addition to a fulltime volunteer and eight part-timers, there is a 'warden' who helps Afidah man the shelter.

Both the warden and fulltime volunteer are women who have turned over a new leaf and now wish to help their wayward friends.

Activities at Rumah Sinar Salam starts as early as 5am and only ends at 11:30pm, whereupon all the lights are then switched off.

"The warden will rouse the Muslim residents in the morning for their subuh prayers. We hold morning meetings with the residents to discuss matters pending, prior to going about with the day's activities.

"They all have a full schedule to follow everyday. We do not want to leave them idle least they start reminiscing on their old ways," said Afidah.

She also told the writer that she is also sourcing for odd jobs such as making crystal bracelets, potpourri or mini popiah, for the residents at the shelter.

Those who are fully rehabilitated and are able to carry on with their life can leave the shelter.

"The maximum stay here is a year. Even if they have left us, we will still monitor their movements and they can return should they need help," she added.

Besides full time residents, Rumah Sinar Salam also opens its doors to those wanting to seek advice and counselling. These 'Touch N Go' customers are welcome at the Home from 3.00pm to 11:00pm daily, Mondays to Fridays.


Nor (not her real name), in her early 30s, who is from Sabah, chose to come to Rumah Sinar Salam to start a new life after her dreams of making a living in Kuala Lumpur were dashed when she got hooked on drugs.

Nor became so dependant on drugs that she resorted to 'selling' her body to sustain her habit.

"I got fed up with my life and wanted to repent and change for the better. It was not easy at first. My friends still spurned me at times. But I will triumph.

"I find peace here, I have learned how to perform the solat (daily prayers) and get advice," said Nor who embraced Islam a year ago. She hope to become a full time volunteer with Rumah Sinar Salam.


For Linda (not her real name), 45, once labelled as a 'pimp' and was running a brothel, becoming a full time volunteer with Rumah Sinar Salam is her way of paying back for her past sins.

She got to know Afidah when the latter was doing her outreach social rounds at Chow Kit. She became interested at helping out.

According to Linda, despite her luxurious life then, she was still not happy.

"When I was detained in the lockup at IPK Bukit Aman for 60 days and interrogated on my involvement in immoral activities, I thought hard about my past life. It dawned on me that I must change my ways, I want to repent.

"At that time, I have not been performing my daily prayers for so long, but now I can do so with a peaceful mind," she added.

Linda admitted that she has encountered numerous challenges in becoming a full time volunteer, especially in trying to gain people's confidence.

Nevertheless, she is even more determined to prove her sceptics wrong.

"I have to work hard to earn that trust. Patience is indeed a virtue," she said.


Wan Kamariah Daud, 54, is grateful that she did not have to live her old age as a drug addict.

She has been in and out of the drug rehabilitation centre at Pusat Serenti for five times, the last being in 2001 at Pusat Serenti Bachok.

After she completed her rehabilitation programme, she volunteered for the re-entry programme and then joined as Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya (Peer Guide) at Pusat Serenti Bachok for three more years.

Wan Kamariah, who considered herself orphaned, had been using drugs since she was 16 years old..

She is steadfast in helping her friend who are still active drug users.

Her steely determination commensurate her position as warden of Rumah Sinar Salam.

"I feel gratified that I can help my friends who are still living in the dumps. I pray that they too can see the light at the end of the tunnel and not end their lives as drug addicts," said Wan Kamariah.

She added that drug addicts need a lot of determination if they want to quit the habit but stress that it is not impossible to do so.

"The only thing that drugs do is ruin our lives," she stressed.


26 February 2010


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22 February 2010


Anniversary Wishes

May the good Lord see and bless you,
On your anniversary day.
May He always be your companion,
And guide you on your way.

May your bonds of marriage strengthen,
Holding strong amidst all fears.
And may our friendship stay untarnished,
Through the wearing of the years.

Have a Bright and Happy Day!

Happy anniversary to you both;
Have a bright and happy day.
Your marriage sets an example;
It shines in every way.

Through time your bond is strong;
It lasts through sun and storm;
You’ll always have your love
To keep each other warm.


You two are an inspiration to the world.
Looking at you, we know that
soulmates can find and keep each other,
commitment means something,
a great team can overcome life’s troubles,
and love triumphs over all.

Happy Anniversary!

22022010!!! nice number rite? What is the meaning of this number to me? hmmm think n think...First of all, grateful to God bcoz today my parents have been as spouse for 24 years in their marriage...ALHAMDULILLAH... K.Long, Effa n Bad will always pray for Abah n Ma happiness in your life forever...Both of u are great parents!!! Mom n Dad who always be in their children side in all moments of my life...SAD,WORRY,ANXIETY,HAPPY,EXCITED...both of u r there...Thanks to God for give me a good parents for their children...really lucky to have both of u as my parents..I will always pray for this marriage to be forever and ever..hopefully will be as such romance spouse day by day...

20 February 2010


Finally, the program end with task had been finished after all participants went back to their university or college. Alhamdulillah.. i finish my responsibility for this program..
I want to give this appreciation to all Third Year Counseling Students, SPADA, Encik Abdul Halim Mohd Hussin, En. Mohd Zaliridzal Zakaria and all people who involve and support this program(sory can't write all people name)..."ALL OF U ARE GREAT"....u can proud with yourself bcoz can handle this big event...A big clap to all of u...Without any commitment, cooperation, support and effort from each other it's will be hard to handle i really want to thanks for all person who involve in this program.
Thanks also to all participant in the PREVENT'10...u also are great person bcoz had been chosen to join this program for this time...who will be the participant for next year..wait????? PREVENT'10 has been finished and wait for PREVENT'11...hihihi..
Now, it's time for rest..hhmmm so tired and sleepy...

19 February 2010


banner' diambil dari

Every year on 19 February, Malaysia will celebrates "Hari Antidadah Kebangsaan" (HADA). This event is one of symbolic to show that Malaysia will always and never stop to prevent drug addiction's problem in this country. For this year, the celebration was organised at Islamic Science University of Malaysia, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

18 February 2010


What's happen today? After three weeks prepared for PREVENT..finally the program start at 3pm today...Alhamdulillah grateful to God for this opportunity...Really proud to myself and all my friends bcoz the program can start with a successful..All my friends thanks a lot for all your cooperation and responsibility in handling this program..
For today, i still doing my task as before went to LCCT to fetch student from face seem familiar to LCCT..uhuhu...but it's ok i enjoy doing that coz i can met with students from UNIMAS, POLITEKNIK KUCHING and Kolej Komuniti, Mas Gading..
All of them look so happy to be in KL bcoz for some of them it was their first experience come to KL..
The official ceremomy for this program done by Vice Canselor of USIM this night..there also have a poem part from participant in this program..
The last moment for this night when we can hear and see "Nash" sing their popular song to all people..It's so exciting and all people enjoy themself.

17 February 2010

LCCT....LCCT !!!

LCCT? What's going on?? task for today. Early in the morning i came to our faculty to get a task for today. All my friends and i keep in busy finishing all the task that we got before because we have only 24hours to work before the program start.
Actually, i am one of the committee of transportation so i need to settle down the transport for the program and also for the participants from Sabah and Sarawak.
For today, i went to LCCT for two times because the participant board the different flight in different time...Hmmm tired and so sleepy wait for them but i must do it..
For the first trip i went there by University's van but for second time there has no van to fetch the we must find someone who has car on that time for the second trip...So lucky coz one of my friend came with a car this morning..He agree to help me and my friend also Nini and Ain to fetch another participant at LCCT...(Thanks Fahrizal 4 ur help and responsible).
But the funny part that i had been experience today was when i need to hold a paper with a name of one participant in front of arrival gate....(Before this only watched that part in Korean Drama...)Wait for her by hold a piece of paper...huhuhuh so ashamed that time but i must do it....all people walk through the gate and keep smiling to my friends and i. After fifteen minutes the person who i wait gave a wave and smile to waiting end and will be continue for the second trip...My second trip is quite easy coz we know how to handle...settle for today task and will be continue tommorow morning.....


Welcome back to USIM...after three days at home i came back to my university.Actually, my mid-semester break will be end until this Sunday but i need to come early to take part in the program of Drug Prevention .
For the first day, my activity is join a trip to RTM for "Suara Siswa" program. This program can be watch live at TV1 at 10.00pm-11.00pm. It was host by Dr.Fazley Yaacob.
It was my first time at Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur. I feel excited for be one of the participant in the program. Before the program started, the director ask me to clap our hands, to smile and to control our habit...hehhee...funny rite...but my friends and i enjoy to do that.
In this program, i can met with Dr. Fazley live and he look so handsome and educated.After the program end, we took the opportunity to take a photo with Dr.Fazley and my friends too.
All people enjoy this nite and i can saw from their face. Unfortunately not all my friends join this,s okay maybe they have their own business...
Now it's time to sleep bcoz tomorrow morning i need to wake up early for the meeting with En.Zali....Nite...

14 February 2010


As Muslims, we are required to love one another and to wish and inculcate love among people regardless of their color, race, religion, or identity. However, this does not mean dissolving our identity or blindly copying and imitating others' traditions and practices.

The Origin of "Valentine Day" or "Festival of Love"

The Festival of Love was one of the festivals of the pagan Romans, when paganism was the prevalent religion of the Romans more than seventeen centuries ago. In the pagan Roman concept, it was an expression of "spiritual love".

There were myths associated with this pagan festival of the Romans, which persisted with their Christian heirs. Among the most famous of these myths was the Roman belief that Romulus, the founder of Rome, was suckled one day by a she-wolf, which gave him strength and wisdom.

The Romans used to celebrate this event in mid-February each year with a big festival.

One of the rituals of this festival was the sacrifice of a dog and a goat. Two strong and muscular youths would daub the blood of the dog and goat onto their bodies, then they would wash the blood away with milk. After that there would be a great parade, with these two youths at its head, which would go about the streets. The two youths would have pieces of leather with which they would hit everyone who crossed their path. The Roman women would welcome these blows, because they believed that they could prevent or cure infertility.

The Connection Between Saint Valentine and This Festival

Saint Valentine is a name which is given to two of the ancient "martyrs" of the Christian Church. It was said that there were two of them, or that there was only one, who died in Rome as the result of the persecution of the Gothic leader Claudius, c. 296 CE. In 350 CE, a church was built in Rome on the site of the place where he died, to perpetuate his memory.

When the Romans embraced Christianity, they continued to celebrate the Feast of Love mentioned above, but they changed it from the pagan concept of "spiritual love" to another concept known as the "martyrs of love", represented by Saint Valentine who had advocated love and peace, for which cause he was martyred, according to their claims. It was also called the Feast of Lovers, and Saint Valentine was considered to be the patron saint of lovers.

One of their false beliefs connected with this festival was that the names of girls who had reached marriageable age would be written on small rolls of paper and placed in a dish on a table. Then the young men who wanted to get married would be called, and each of them would pick a piece of paper. He would put himself at the service of the girl whose name he had drawn for one year, so that they could find out about one another. Then they would get married, or they would repeat the same process again on the day of the festival in the following year.

The Christian clergy reacted against this tradition, which they considered to have a corrupting influence on the morals of young men and women. It was abolished in Italy, where it had been well-known, then it was revived in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when in some western countries there appeared shops which sold small books called "Valentine's books", which contained love poems, from which the one who wanted to send a greeting to his sweetheart could choose. They also contained suggestions for writing love letters.

The above information is excerpted, with some modifications, from

The Islamic View

Elaborating the Islamic stance on celebrating Valentine Day, Dr. Su`ad Ibrahim Salih, professor of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) at Al-Azhar University, says,

Indeed, Islam is the religion of altruism, true love, and cooperation on that which is good and righteous. We implore Allah Almighty to gather us together under the umbrella of His All-encompassing Mercy, and to unite us together as one man. Allah Almighty says: (The believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to Allah that haply ye may obtain mercy.) (Al-Hujurat 49: 10)

I can say that there are forms of expressing love that are religiously acceptable, while there are others that are not religiously acceptable. Among the forms of acceptable love are those that include the love for Prophets and Messengers. It stands to reason that the love for Allah, and His Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) should have the top priority over all other forms of love.

Islam does also recognize happy occasions that bring people closer to one another, and add spice to their lives. However, Islam goes against blindly imitating the West regarding a special occasion such as Valentine's Day.

Hence, commemorating that special day known as the Valentine's Day is an innovation or bid`ah that has no religious backing. Every innovation of that kind is rejected, as far as Islam is concerned. Islam requires all Muslims to love one another all over the whole year, and reducing the whole year to a single day is totally rejected.

We Muslims ought not to follow in the footsteps of such innovations and superstitions that are common in what is known as the Valentine's Day. No doubt that there are many irreligious practices that occur on that day, and those practices are capable of dissuading people from the true meanings of love and altruism to the extent that the celebration is reduced to a moral decline.

13 February 2010


The beginning of my blog for this's seem late to start because one month and half had past without any post but i'm still want to share what happen in my life through this year. Even it's late but i had been experience a lot of thing for past one month and half. This year started with a new semester and only 2 semester to be finish. I came to my university for this semester with a strength to be success in all aspect that i choose and try to do it very well. Even it's look difficult for everything but i will try my best.

Today, i feel so happy because i will back to my hometown this morning. My mid-semester leave start today so i fulfill this time to be with my family. Even only for three day but i feel excited to be at home. I miss my parents and other family member so much.
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