29 September 2010


Today, my faculty which is Faculty of Leadership and Management organized a day with customers. A day with customers means that all lecturers, staffs and students in FKP can interact with people closely. All program in this faculty needed to participate by open a booth at the foyer FKP. There were four booth include Dakwah and Management Program, Counseling Program, Communication Program and Special Program For Drug Abuse (SPADA).My friends and I involve at Counseling Program's booth.

The Counseling's booth provided free counseling service to all customers who want to have a session. This booth prepared eight counselors to handle the session but unfortunately there has no client want to have the session. I don't know why. Is it they might think that people will view them as "org bermasalah"??? or they have a problem but feel very shy to share??? Maybe they do not believe to the counselor or think that counselor will tell other people about their problem. Come on...counselor has their ethic that need to be obey. So, don't feel afraid to see a counselor. The existing of counselor is to help and guide people in a good way. Dearest future counselor this will be the challenging in our career for future...lets prepare our self to face with this situation.

The objective of this day was to ensure that customers can get further information about this faculty. The committee provided a board with a brief information about the faculty. The information that people will know when they come is about history, mission, vision and also the organization's structure from dean to the staff. Each program also has their leader of the program and other lecturer through the program. So, all the information on the board, customers just came and read it.

The committees also provided various kinds of game to avoid customers from bored. There have chess, "congkak" and some more. Many customers came and play that game. They enjoyed the game. This foyer was fulfill with the customers around noon because they came and play the game that provided there.

It will not complete without a competition. So, the organizer also organized various of competition like the creative picture, khat written and "ImamMuda" . It was not bad, because the competition was participated by a students and staff too. Vice of Dean came in the evening to give an appreciation speech to all people who involved on that day and end by Prizes Ceremony.

At noon, we joined the bellly dancing fitness conducted by Madam Kareelawati who is one of lecturer in FKP. For the first time in that activity, made me feel so happy because the dance was very interesting and enjoyable. To all women lets try it because it have a lot of benefits to us. Health, Beauty!!!

The best moment on this day, My friends Fatonah and Hafisah including me got lucky draw..huhu really not expected all of us will get that lucky draw but thanks to God. Today are our luck how about next time???

psssttt:- tak sia2 duduk, berdiri, berjalan di foyer spjg hr ni krn dpt gk lh sijil penghargaan..tu yg syok!!! nk jg booth lg tak ekh pasni???

26 September 2010


Yesterday, University of Malaya organised "SEMINAR KAUNSELING" at Auditorium Faculty of Education. I went there as one of participant in that seminar. The seminar started by the talk from Y.Bhg.Dr.Suradi Salim with the topic "Keperluan Perkhidmatan Kaunseling dalam Menangani Isu Masyarakat Masa Kini". He emphasized on social problem in our country in his talk. Besides that, he also discussed on what counselor can do to avoid this problem from happen, psychological intervention,psychological education, crisis intervention and about counseling too.

After that, the seminar continued with the presentation paper work from IPT students and PERKAMA's committees. All participants was divided into three group in three different rooms. For my room, there were presentation from students in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and University of Malaya under topic "Underachievement". Then, the presentation continue with Encik Zamzuri Bin Ghani who is one of lecturer in UM and also students in PHD there. He is one of OKU and his presentation under topic "Keperluan Rehabilitasi Kepada Golongan Kurang Upaya Di Malaysia". Really proud of him because even he cannot see the real world but he can delivered his talk very well.

From left:- Saudari Ilyana Binti Ilyas (Moderator), Saudari Siti Zanariah (UPM), Saudari Lakshumy a/p K.Kumar (UM), Saudara Mohd Fahrizal Asmy Bin Mohd Ali (USIM).

For the evening, the seminar continued with "Forum Bicara Kaunseling". The forum was discussing on "Kaunselor Cemerlang Menjana Transformasi Masyarakat". Three panelist from three different universities explain and elaborate about the topic very well. In the end of the forum, there also have a questions from participants to the panelist.

Me, Nazirah, Amalina, Aziela and Hasani.

My friends and I in the auditorium Faculty of Education, UM.
sempat posing smbil dgr seminar..huhu

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia


Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

25 September 2010


Eating's time again...Thursday, Friday and Saturday..huhu. Today, I got the opportunity to attend "Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri PERKAMA". The opportunity came because I was inviting to join Seminar Kaunseling at University of Malaya. So, the seminar going through with Aidilfitri celebration by PERKAMA. The dishes for today is not bad because I can eat Laksa Penang, Spaghetti, Satay,Nasi Himpit, ABC and some more. The dishes made the hungry stomach full with various types of dishes.

There were many people who came and joined this celebration. They came from Board Director of PERKAMA, students in various kinds of IPTA and from Indonesia too. They enjoy the celebration and dishes too..

My friends and I choose this corner to enjoy the delicious "laksa" and sweet "ABC" add by hottest satay...sgt laris tak sempat msuk bekas dh hbis...Congrats for PERKAMA for having this Aidilfitri celebration.

psssttt:- 3hari bturut2 brada di jmuan raya...perut dh tak tau nk ckp mcm mana coz tuan nyer dh sumbat masuk mcm2 mknnn...hehe

24 September 2010


"Jamuan Raya" again for today. It was organised by SPADA and headed by Director of ACREDA Dr. Abd. Halim Mohd Hussin. If yesterday have various kinds of dishes...lets see 4 today menu...hmm so many2...Satay the important one, add by mee kari, bihun, lemang, rendang and kuih-muih... mana best jamuan raya kalau tak de kuih raya. The special "air cendol and some other water.

The decoration 4 today events....with the ketupat2 yg tgantung and so nice mix with colourful lamp. Feel like in the open house for party. So great this "Jamuan Raya" and very happening.

A group of people who keep talking, smiling and eating. This corner full with people who come to join this "Jamuan Raya". Perut kenyang hati pn senang...huhu

A few of Counseling Fourth Year Students.
Not at all attended this "Jamuan Raya" but photography session had been done successfully.
Diaorang mmg pantang nmpk kamera ni...

Pic with Director of ACREDA Dr. Abd.Halim Mohd Hussin.
He also is one of our lecturer in counseling course.

23 September 2010


Today, I got the opportunity to attend "Jamuan Raya" organized by Prof.Madya Dr.Saedah, one of my lecturer in my course. That was the food that my friends and I enjoy eating like Nasi Minyak, Nasi Himpit, Lemang and various kinds of kuih-muih.

This pics showing on the committee who bertungkus lumus, berpeluh2 to settle down the equipments and to ensure that "Jamuan Raya" be handling successfully. yg hebatnyer semua si mana agknye yer si bunga menghilang???huhu..btw congrats 4 all of u Fahrizal, Muslim, Rosli, Zulkhairi, Aniq, Hayyi and Abdillah. Good job!!!

People enjoy eating various kinds of food. On the top pic is the lecturer corner while the other one is students corner. Mostly people enjoy this events. There also some senior in my course who will be graduate this coming Saturday come to join us. So, the foyer fulfill with many people and also various dishes.

Muslim, Nazirah, Ainun (pengantin baru) , me, Fahrizal
tak mlpskn peluang utk snap pic ngn Puan Ainun...hihi

The happier face from us to show that we love posing in front of camera.
pantang nmpk kamera...terus terjah...

21 September 2010


As a student, what actually in our mind when we need to come to school, college or university even mood raya still in ourself??????????

First of all of course, I as a student feel like my raya not completely again and the leave is still not enough...
byk lh cntik kan buat universiti sendiri.

For the first week after break, most students might think or still remind on open house, delicious dishes, kuih2 raya and their relatives. Even the lecturer teach and explain in front
bla...bla...but where actually you are??? Follow the lecturer, hear the explanation or the mind fly and fly into home...huhu.

The other part, students will exchange their kuih raya each other and enjoy eating with all friends. Various types of kuih raya will be eat when the exchange process take a part.

As a student, what will wait for you after the break already end...Lets take a look :-

1) Assignments
Individual assignment, group assignment. So, be alert on that. Lecturer already explain it
early of the semester... jgn mkn kuih raya byk sgt smpai lupa dh kt assignment yg blambak2

2) Presentation
The other one that students need to face. Same with the assignment, there will individual or
group presentation too. So, lets throw out all the gossippp2 during raya and preparing for our
presentation. Hmmm..don't forget to make a slide for presentation.

3) Project Work
This is the important one for Final Year students like me. I need to settle down it before my
practicum. Of course it take a lot of time and effort to finish it. Meeting with supervisor,
checking the proposal, typing chapter by chapter, collecting data and so on.

So, to all people that holding a student status, lets doing our responsibility. Forget about raya and start finishing our task. Refresh back our mind to remember the previous topic that already learn before. Prepare and ready to face with the new topic and some new knowledge.

psssstttt: byk kn keje?? tp still smpt lg nk hang out, tgk movie ni..huhu..
bru je kna sound ngn lecturer supaya stop kn aktiviti2 tsebut..

19 September 2010


U r the one and only people that I will call as dad,
Leader in my family,
President in my mom's heart,
Hero in my sibling's life.

U earns our living,
Working through the day by day,
To fulfill the needs,
And to give a comfortable in our life.

U r a good listener in any situation,
U r the best supporter in what I am trying to do,
U r my best friend to share anything,
And a great father to me n family....


The youngest one in our family,
The one and only boy in my sibling,
A good son to my parents,
A lovely brother to me and my younger sister.

Behave yourself always,
Show the respectful to people,
Be the best to everyone,
U will be the great.....


My third heroes!!!,
Who will be??,

Is it my future husband??
I don't know,
Time will tell,
I will keep my truly love for him.


pssstttt:- nnt dh nk naik bas blik nyerrrrrr....
syok berlama-lama kt umh ni..huhu

17 September 2010


Appreciation and admiration sound the same at first thought, but they are used differently .Appreciate a man for what he does, but admire a man for what he is. It is possible to appreciate a man and not admire him.

I love men. I love the way they move their straight. I love the way they will protect anything smaller and more vulnerable than themselves. I love how generous and kind they are at heart. I love their focus and direction, how they can spend hours figuring out how it all works. And yes, I love that they can lift the heavy stuff.

In order for a woman to appreciate a man she needs to develop a new view of him as seen through new eyes. The first eye is dim to his faults. The second eye sees him as the rest of the world does. But the third and most important eye sees him as only you can and appreciates him as no one else does.

To fully appreciate a man people need to get beyond the superficial things like looks, income, status and honor in the community. Work on a deeper set of values. Look for fine character traits such as dependability, honesty, generosity, kindness, faith and sensitivity that only you are in a position to notice. Become aware of his intellectual gifts and special talents he portrays.

When we talk about appreciate, people tend to say "Appreciate a woman" but what about man? Man also need to be appreciate. What might people always say "Appreciate a woman"? Maybe because the reason is really strong enough to say that woman had sacrifice to give birth, breastfeed the baby and taking care the children. However, man also had sacrifice a lot in our life and the most one he is working through sunny and rainy to give the best for his family. So, dont forget to appreciate a man too in our life.

~ time2 raya byk je cite kt tv ttg pgorbanan ibu mbesarkan ank2 tp agk krg utk menyiarkan cite2 ttg pgorbanan
ayah...sgt sedih...really appreciate two men in my life...who are they?? lets check the latest entry soon..

15 September 2010


Di kala umat Islam sibuk menyambut lebaran di kampung halaman masing-masing, ada juga yang memilih untuk melangsungkan hari bahagia mereka bersama pasangan masing-masing. Saya juga berkesempatan untuk menghadiri beberapa majlis walimah yang melibatkan rakan-rakan di sekolah terdahulu.

Bagi yang telah selamat menyempurnakan sunnah Nabi ini, alhamdulillah dan tahniah diucapkan. Semoga ikatan yang di bina akan berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat dan di limpahi rezeki yang mencurah-curah oleh Allah.

Bagi yang belum sampai jodoh nya, InsyaAllah masanya akan tiba..lambat atau cepat itu semua adalah ketentuan Allah kerana :-

" wahai wanita solehah, jgn risau akn jodohmu krn muslimin yg bijaksana itu, tdk akn terpaut pada wanita hanya pd kcantikan/ lirikan senyuman, pd bicara manja yg menggoda/ pd pujuk rayu seorg wanita yg mruntuhkan imannya. Sesungguhnya lelaki itu adlh pmimpin kpd wanita. Andai belum smpai jodohmu, anggaplah bhwa lelaki yg kau nanti kn itu sdg membina sahsiah kpimpinan bg memimpin dirimu. Krn pd wanita itu psti ada kekurangannya dan lelaki yg bnr2 layak pasti akan hadir untuk melengkapkan kekuranganmu "

Selamat Pengantin Baru buat:-

Siti Fatimah & Ahmad Zulfa

Siti Aisyah & Tengku Fakhruddin

Nor Aryana & Pasangan

Apabila dh berada di majlis walimah ini, dpt lh berpeluang berjumpa dengan rakan-rakan lama di sekolah terdahulu. Apa lagi, saya pn tak terlepas dari di hambat dengan soalan cepu cemas "bila lg nk mkn nasi minyak awk plk???? Hmm...biarlah masa menentukan..tak terfikir lagi ke arah itu hanya doa mampu ku panjatkan pada Yang Maha Esa

Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh cinta, cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yang melabuhkan cintanya padaMu, agar bertambah kekuatanku untuk menyintaiMu.

Ya Muhaimin, jika aku jatuh hati, izinkanlah aku menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya tertaut padaMu agar tidak terjatuh aku dalam jurang cinta nafsu.

Ya Rabbana, jika aku jatuh hati, jagalah hatiku padanya agar tidak berpaling daripadaMu.

Ya Rabbul Izzati, jika aku rindu, rindukanlah aku pada seseorang yang merindui jihad dan syahid di jalanMu.

Ya Allah, jika aku rindu, jagalah rinduku padanya agar tidak lalai aku merindui syurgaMu.

Ya Allah, jika aku menikmati cinta kekasihMu, janganlah kenikmatan itu melebihi kenikmatan indahnya bermunajat di sepertiga malam terakhirMu.

Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh hati pada kekasihMu,janganlah biarkan aku tertatih dan terjatuh dalam perjalanan panjang menyeru manusia kepadaMu.

Ya Allah, jika Kau halalkan aku merindui kekasihMu, jangan biarkan aku melampaui batas sehingga melupakan aku pada cinta hakiki dan rindu abadi hanya kepadaMu.


13 September 2010



Lets join answering this tag until the last question

1) Kereta yg nk sgt di beli : Honda Civic

2) Rumah yg nk sgt di miliki : Bungalow with english concept

3) Aktiviti yg nk sgt di lakukan : Of course lh adventure and challenging activities
(payung terjun)

4) Tempat yg nk sgt di lawati : Kota Paris

5) Perkara yg nk sgt di buat : further study in oversea...since I am 20+++ study is my priority..

6) Universiti yg nk sgt di masukki : University of Malaya..since it was the oldest university I
really hope to get the opportunity to study there but....

7) Gunung yg nk sgt di daki : Gunung Ledang..really want to know the truth about Hikayat
Puteri Gunung addition my aunt already arrive there 4
two times..

8) Brand yg nk sgt di miliki : GUESS... I already have a collection of BUM and Polo

9) Lelaki yg nk sgt di jumpai : as long as AGAMA was his priority...bkn di damba pd kulit yg
cerah or gelap tp biarlah soleh mjd hiasan wjh nya..bkn jg di lihat
pd tinggi or rendah fizikal nya tp biarlah ketinggian akhlak mjd
benteng nya..

10) Hadiah yg nk sgt di terima : Watch..setiap detik mjnjikn lembaran baru dlm kehidupan

psssstttt :- Kita hanya mampu mrencana tp Tuhan lah yg menentukan segala-gala nya....

12 September 2010



this raya all my mom's siblings choose to celebrate first aidilfitri in Kg. Nerang Jerangau.
So, this house was fulfill with about 40 members including childrens, children in law and also grandchildren...agak penuh rumah ini




bese lah ank Hj.Naim ni enam org so kereta pn pnuh lh kt dpn umh smpai xblh nk tutup pgr nyer..hihi..


mcm2 aksi dpt d lihat d mlm ini krn dh rmai mcm ni lh jd nyer...
ade terlentang, meniarap dan yg pling lwk siap berbungkus dlm selimut ni tak tahan...


time2 raya tv xtau bila nk d offkn mcm2 rcgn mnrik d siarkn
prebutan channel mjd agk sengit yer antara satu sama lain..

11 September 2010


Ramadhan berakhir aidilfitri dinanti,
bersama kita eratkan mesra,
tangan dihulur maaf dipinta,
semoga gembira di hari raya.

"biar kulit segelap ALMOND LONDON,
asalkan hati sesuci KUIH BANGKIT,
biar iman sekental DODOL,
jgn senipis TEMPEYEK,
biar jiwa selembut BAULU,
aslkn akhlak secantik BISKUT DAHLIA,
senyumlah semanis WAJIK,
agr raya anda penuh bermakna.

"Sir lump mad hurry rare year ideal pick tree,
ma half za hair bar teen,
2 loose dairy hearty young egg class..."

09 September 2010


Ya Allah
Terlalu pantas putaran waktu
Sehinggakan kita tidak terasa
Tabir ramadhan kini di kemuncaknya
Menunggu waktu untuk pulang

Ya Rabbi
Sudah cukupkah amalan2 ku di bulan ini
Bersujud mengabdi diri padamu
Alunan suci Al-Quran yang sentiasa mengiringi
Mencari keredhaanmu semata-mata

Ya Rahman
Ku panjatkan sepenuh kesyukuran
Diriku masih berpeluang untuk mengecapinya
Mengharungi bilah-bilah hari
Tanpa sebarang gangguan dan masalah

Ya Rahim
Doaku padamu agar di ampunkan
Segala keterlanjuran dosa2 ku selama ini
Moga mendapat perkenan darimu
Serta limpahan rahmat dan hidayah mu

Ya Ramadhan
Salam rindu ku hulurkan
Meratapi pemergianmu
Moga ketemu lagi ramadhan akan datang
Dengan lebih istiqamah

08 September 2010



2 sudu teh emplex
1 cawan gula perang
1 cawan tepung jagung
2 1/2 cawan tepung gandum
1 1/4 buku butter
1 sudu teh essen vanilla
1 senduk minyak bijan/mazola (utk d cmpur dgn coklat)
Badam @ lain2 kekacang scukupnya d bakar
1 keping coklat masakan (d cairkan d ats air)
Cawan kertas berwarna coklat


1) Pukul gula dgn butter hingga kmbang dan masukkan essen vanilla
2) Ayak tepung jagung dan gandum bersama emplex dan masukkan sdikit demi sdikit ke dlm ke dlm adunan butter. Uli hingga rata.
3) Bulatkan dan isi badam sbg intinya. Bakar.
4) Bila sejuk masukkan ke dlm cawan kertas dan tuangkan coklat cair. Taburkan badam cincang di atas nya.
5) Sejuk sebelum di simpan

Note:- cara mcairkan coklat adlh dgn mgunakn double boiler iaitu pnskn air dan letak coklat d ats air kmdian msukkn minyak agr nmpk bkilat.

D sebabkn ade lebihan tepung dri biskut yg kt ats td, so my mum pn ape lg
buat lh kuih yg kt bwh ni..main hentam jer coz tak tau resepi yg sbnr but
at least jd lh gk bislut ni...

Pssssssttttt : gara-gara nk siapkn biskut ni, I ter- miss jmpa adik Mia Sara kt TV3 kul 6.30 PM
huhu...tertinggal 1 episod...

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