07 April 2010


Opened to the public in 1982, Sungai Congkak Forest is the perfect retreat for city folks, with public facilities such including a camping ground, picnic spots, chalets, rest shelters, public toilets and parking space. In the weekends, you can also find hawkers selling a variety of food and drinks.

Forest River consolation Congkak Save the Forest is located in the Hulu Langat forest types that have Dipterokarp Pamah. This forest has consolation river and the beautiful clear water flows in the forest area of this consolation. For the river, there are waterfalls and swimming bath.

Between the basic found here is the site perkhemahan, Chemistry & Forensics site, Chalet, the game, astaka hut and rest, the taste of the field, stage and the council is open, firm, location where the vehicle and so forth.

Located 13 km from Pekan Cheras through the Hulu Langat Road to Pangson, 30 km from Kuala Lumpur. At Kampong Batu 18, there is a junction separating the way to these two different spots.


.nad. said...

lama tak gi picnic...
rindu hehehe...

salam ziarah~~

Affieza said...

Thanks nadia...

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