17 May 2011


Yesterday after we had lunch together, we decided to go to Plaza Alam Sentral. Hafiz initiated the plan, suggesting all of us to play bowling, as it will our last gathering.

Registering for 7 persons plus 7 pairs of shoes. We took two lane because only maximum six persons will play in one lane. We divided into two groups which one group will be three persons.

We just took turn on our names Aliff, Fiza and Mina for the first group and Fana, Hafiz, Izati and Afiq for the second group. It was seen all of us were so excited.

As the 23th and 24th lane was the last lane , so we had much fun because we no need to share with other groups. Just play. It's our day.

Thanks everyone for spending your time with me. I had fully fun for myself even though a bit tired.

psssttt:- pasni mesti rindu nk kuar ngn u all lagi...huhu


Mrs. Simplicity said...


transformed housewife said...

i watched my students playing bowling in a friendly match among ELS centres last Friday. Knur sendiri kalau main kerjanya masuk longkang jelah. hehe

Unknown said...

kakyong tak reti main.. memang sah2 masuk longkang... hihii

n3 terbaru kakyong
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Adakah kerana dia kidal?!!!
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Myra Jay said...

sonoknyer main bowling..
Tp MJ xqheti main bowling..huuhh

Anonymous said...

akak tak pernah main bowling.. huhuhu, x berat ke bolanya?

Syigim said...

ape yg korang2 suka sgt psl bowling ni ye. cuba bg 3 sebab hihi. sbb kak xpenah bowling :P

Ardini Humaira said...

bestnye men bowling :D

Affieza said...

@K.Alyyani: kalah lah kak..hehe

@K.Nur: masuk longkang tu sudah pasti..hehe

@K.Yong: try lah main...mula2 je pn msuk longkang nyer..huhu

@Myra Jay: try lah bru taw..

Affieza said...

@K.Fa10: blh tahan jgk beratnya...


1)lontarannya blh memberi kpuasan
2)smgt bsaing nk jatuhkan pin plg byk
3)gelak ramai2 bila bola masuk longkang...hehe

@Dini: yuppp..realy enjoy

Ekky said...

LIKE3.... sbb xajak...:D

Affieza said...

@Ekky: Sorrylah..xrncg pn ni, on the spot jer..huhu

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