11 October 2011


As I promised in the previous entry, I will continue with the places that I visited before we left Pangkor Island. In Pangkor Island, pink coloured taxi vans which about 10 seated are available for most part of the day to take us around. Here are some places that we already visited while in Pangkor Island.

1) Kilang Satay Ikan Hai Seng Hin

We went over to Hai Seng Hin factory to buy seafood products. Hai Seng Hin was established as a family business way back in 1969. Over the years the company had became very famous for their seafood snacks, mainly the processed cuttlefish (kerepek sotong), satay fish, fish fillet and satay fish crisp. - Samyeap. Com -

2) Fu Lin Kong Temple

Fu Lin Kong Temple at the foot of the Pangkor hill in Sungai Pinang Besar village, we found this famous Taoist temple. It has the famous miniature replica of the Great Wall of China. In the temple, we saw hand-painted rocks, paintings, artifacts and on the roof, we found the twelve zodiac signs of the Chinese. - -

3) Kota Belanda

One of the main attractions of Pangkor Island, this structure is actually the remains and stone foundations of 300 years old fort builded by the dutch in year 1670. Located at Teluk Gedung, this fort was one of the dutch strongholds built to repel pirates and local malays. It was abandoned after a sucessful attacked by a local warrior, Panglima Kulub and his followers. In 1973, National Museum undertook the fort reconstruction. - -

4) Pangkor Island Jetty

It is a concrete jetty at Pangkor Island. While waiting for the ferry to depart, we took some photos of the jetty and the surroundings. Around 2.15 pm ferry arrived and we left Pangkor Island.


Unknown said...

last pergi pangkor masa tahun 2000.. masa tu memang borong sakan segala makan laut kering kat kedai tu...

CIK TOM said...

bestnya pi pulau pangkor..ciktom xpernah lagi jejak kat sn..plan nk gi dgn kwn2 gak nati..byk tmpt menarik ek..ciktom plg suka keropok sotong :)

maya amir said...

penah gi pangkor 2x.. tiap kali pegi, byk yg berubah..tapi van pink tu tetap kaler pink..hehehe

Anonymous said...

bile plok g p.pngkor ni??p.pngkor ke p.prhntian lawo??:))

Affieza said...

@kakyong: sy beli ckit2 je coz xmkn sgt...hehe

@CIKTOM: ha'ah byk je tmpt mnarik tp xckup masa nk pergi semua..huhu

@maya amir: haha...lucu kan naik van pink...

@anonymous: lama dh kem kepimpinan bdk2 poli hari tu...pd pdgn mataku p.perhentian lg lawo...

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