13 February 2010


The beginning of my blog for this's seem late to start because one month and half had past without any post but i'm still want to share what happen in my life through this year. Even it's late but i had been experience a lot of thing for past one month and half. This year started with a new semester and only 2 semester to be finish. I came to my university for this semester with a strength to be success in all aspect that i choose and try to do it very well. Even it's look difficult for everything but i will try my best.

Today, i feel so happy because i will back to my hometown this morning. My mid-semester leave start today so i fulfill this time to be with my family. Even only for three day but i feel excited to be at home. I miss my parents and other family member so much.


Anonymous said...

sem br azam br...ak lg cedih cti ni xleh blik..

Affieza said...

cuti bila ni? nape plk xleh blik?

Anonymous said...

cti mid sem r...tket abis

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