20 February 2010


Finally, the program end with task had been finished after all participants went back to their university or college. Alhamdulillah.. i finish my responsibility for this program..
I want to give this appreciation to all Third Year Counseling Students, SPADA, Encik Abdul Halim Mohd Hussin, En. Mohd Zaliridzal Zakaria and all people who involve and support this program(sory can't write all people name)..."ALL OF U ARE GREAT"....u can proud with yourself bcoz can handle this big event...A big clap to all of u...Without any commitment, cooperation, support and effort from each other it's will be hard to handle i really want to thanks for all person who involve in this program.
Thanks also to all participant in the PREVENT'10...u also are great person bcoz had been chosen to join this program for this time...who will be the participant for next year..wait????? PREVENT'10 has been finished and wait for PREVENT'11...hihihi..
Now, it's time for rest..hhmmm so tired and sleepy...


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