07 June 2010


PSMZA???...What it is? Hmmm...Politeknik Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin. My pre - practicum already started since last week at this place. This task i need to settle down after complete my six semester in my university. Why PSMZA???...of course lah near my!! can stay at home comparing stay other places. I can choose other place to finish my task but of course the important thing is the nearest one rite?
It is the 13th Polytechnic under the Department of Polytechnic and Community College, Ministry of Higher Education. It was built at Bukit Bauk in 2001 and known as Politeknik Dungun (PDT) before this. It is located 8km from Dungun town.
I need to settle down this pre - practicum for three weeks here..without any experiences in working was something new enviroment for me.. in the morning and when i went back i need to punch card my attendance..hihi..feel like the staff already.. But always remind myself I am career woman to be..INSYALLAH.
I feel lucky bcoz all the staff treat me nicely..enjoying myself to be here. I was in the Counseling and Psychology Unit. There are three Psychology officers here which are one of them appoint as Leader of this unit and assist by others two as guidance's counselor and career's counselor.
For the first week, i get an information about this polytechnic and also this unit first. The staff give me a lot of information that can simplify my task. Then, they teach me about the procedure on how to make a session in this unit. What can i see, the session was going through successfully bcoz everyday there will be two or three client came seeking for advise or guidance. Actually, the students here in their leave rite now, so the session involve only with the staffs. But it is not bad bcoz everyday there will a staff came here.
Now, i am in the week two here..i came as usual to complete my pre - practicum. What will i learn for this week..hope to get as much as i can the new thing to help me in the future.



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