23 June 2010


Today is the last day i went to PSMZA for my pre-practicum. Finally, i finishing the course work for ABA 4073. Grateful to God bcoz gave me an opportunity to finish it successfully.

Many new things that i had been experience through this pre-practicum that can help me in the future. I will have a fully practicum in the last semester by end of this year. All information that i get from this pre-practicum i can use for my practicum and also in my future career.

For this moment, i want to give an appreciation to all Psychology Officers in this unit for giving me a lot of new knowledge and information.This unit was called as Counseling and Psychology Unit.

This unit was headed by Madam Sanisah Binti Azerai and assist by others two Psychology Officer Madam Law Siew Lan and Miss Zurina Binti Zakaria.There also has other practicum Master student from UKM who sharing some knowledge to me. For all of you wishing u thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

sedihkn kalu nk tmat prktikal.awl2 2 mngkn rs cm x slesa tp lme2 truja xnk hbs je prktkl 2...ble lh dpt jmpe diorng lg kn...

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