19 July 2010


Speak...out, speak...out, speak out...Hmmm...the value for today class. Actually today my lecturer made a change in her exercise during the lecture's time. What is the change??..All of us need to speak out from our seat place to give an answer. Before this, she ask for one of representative from every group to come in front for presenting idea but today class we need to face the change.

My lecturer said " come on my dear students you are in the final year, you must be able to speak out in front of people. For me, to speak in front of people must have a speak it spontaneously make me feel nervous...How to change it??????????

As a good student I need to be confident in what I am trying to do...four years that I need to face with that situation made me really think why a person mush has confident in their self. But to change it for 100% is not something easy, even I always came in front for a presentation. It was not enough to be confident.

I like to give attention to a person who being able to speak out in front of people without any nervous. They came out with the idea and presenting it as well. When I can be like that?? The changes cannot happen if the trial does not exist.I really know about that but still like there have no changes in myself.

What ever it is there have always a challenging to become a great one. All of the challenges have the solution if I want to change. It depends on "me".


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