10 July 2010


Tonight, i will take a bus to Nilai....Welcome back to Nilai after two months at home with my lovely family. Seem like two months is too short and now the beginning of my new semester will starting this coming Monday.
Finally, i am in the Fourth Year which mean Final Year for my studies in USIM. I already finishing three years with many kinds of subject, assignment and presentation. Now in this semester 7, i will face with a few new subject to complete my degree as well.
The challenging part for this semester, my friends and i need to settle down our academic project (thesis) to fulfill our course. I am really lucky to have a great lecturer Prof. Madya Dr. Hajjah Sapora Binti Sipon as my supervisor. I will refer to her for helping me in this academic project.
When a new semester come, we share a lot of experience and story with my frenz after two months never meet. Funny, enjoyable, interesting is the key to have a wonderful friendship with all my frenz.
'Nothing is Precious But Frienship.This semester is the last sem we learn together in the lecture room or tutorial room coz the next sem which is last sem we need to settle down our practical in various kinds of organization. So, this sem we stay together, but the other sem we will go on our own direction north, east, west and south to complete our practical. Dearest my frenz gud luck and have a happy moments for this new semester.
Hopefully, i can face this semester nicely and doing my very great job to become a good person in my life. Always pray to God for my blessing.


Anonymous said...

insyaAllah...sme2 kite mriahkn thn akhr ni...yg gduh2 2 cbe2 r baek2 ye..pasni dh x jmpe..pstikan 2 sem akhr ni dpt dekan..cayok!..epa jgn jeles ye, kitorng nk abs dh.t blh ad duit sndri..epi, pahni kite blh r ronda2 dnia ye.heh

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