25 June 2012


Date: 22 June 2012
Location: Kg. Balai Besar, Dungun
Theme: Black & Red


Marriage begins with a wedding,
where two people promise “to have and to hold, to love
and to cherish”

From this day forward,
as you share life's joys,
may you always comfort one another
with a smile...

(9 from the bride's side)

The futures full of promise and
Its only just begun

Dear Bride, Gee and the Groom, Alif ( no pic with him) I pray and wish happiness for both of you on your wedding day


en_me said...

vahh sonoknyer kawen kanns.. ehhheee

CIK TOM said...

rajin pergi majlis kawin kawan ye...bgs2..tahniah buat kawan fieza!

Affieza said...

@hajiMete: haha...seronok kot!!!

@CIK TOM: xlah rajin mana tp kalau kwn2 rpt pergilah btw thanks 4 the wish

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