08 October 2012


Last two weeks, my dad and the gang (his colleagues) went to an  office trip. What is the best when Abah went to any office trip or outstation of course was 'ole-ole'. We (my sibling and I) will ask for 'ole-ole' from him wherever he went to.

Since he in Veterinar field, most of the trip will relate with animal like cow, buffalo, goat, and other. Regarding his job he already travel most of the state in our country and abroad too. He went for 'Projek Ternakan', 'Projek Pembiakan', 'Penyakit Kuku Dan Mulut' and any influenza.

I still remind when he said the most challenging trip when he went to New Zealand for 'Projek Biri-Biri'. He need to eat cheese when it difficult to find for rice and Halal food.   

Some part of my 'ole-ole' 

From Langkawi during his visit to 'Buffalao Park' 

From Cameron Highland during his visit to 'Projek Lembu Fidlot Terbesar Negeri Pahang'

From Pekan Rabu, Alor Star during his visit to 'Pembiakan Kerbau Susu' in Pendang

To Abah enjoy your job as much as u can before your retirement next 4 year...hihi


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