11 November 2010


Yeay...I got it... Free signature from Kak Yong. Thanks and really appreciate on it. How I got it? Last Monday I blogwalking to her blog and the entry on that time was about Font untuk signature.

You know what, Kak Yong create a very creative entry to make people who read this entry can feel like that got headache..huhu....pening..pening.... The entry contain with a lot of fonts and people need to count how many fonts on that entry. So, I decide to try count the fonts and luckily I gave a correct answer.

I'm the one who join to count it after a few blogger surrender to do it..huhu...sgt gigih yer mengira. Scroll up, scroll down, scroll up and down again until finishing.

Now, I got the signature. Really beautiful and I'm satisfied with her work. Thanks again Kak Yong. The pic of the signature :-

If there, any interested to have that kind of signature you can buy it through
It contain a lot of patterns and you can tell directly what design or font you want.


ardinihumaira said...

wow comelnye :D

Affieza said...

Ha'ah comel kn...

transformed housewife said...

sgt comel. tahniah. K.Nur dah pos hadiah hr ni. tapi maybe lusa baru sampai kot sbb ptg tadi pun lps pkl 4.3o baru pos.

Unknown said...

Affieza.. terima kasih utk n3 ni.. ;)
berbaloi kan mengira font ... :D

eh.. bila nampak komen adyani ni.. teringat kakyong belum buat n3 pasal memang teka kuah kacang.. adeii, camno la leh terlupa....

Affieza said...

K.Nur : Ok..thanks

K.Yong : Welcome...berbaloi2..huhu

Hamizah said...

sgt cantik!!!!!

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