07 November 2010


What are your condition rite now??? OK or KO. Hope everyone in good condition. Anyone who feel stress??? Don't worry feeling of stress is normal thing in our life but don't make stress as your habit. It's really dangerous.

What is stress? Everyone know rite...stress is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, nervous, or anxious.

When people will get stress? Stress can come anytime and sometime people not expect about that. Even you feel happy,excited during the morning but when evening come your mood already change. It means that you are in not stable of condition.

Who will get stress? Everyone will face with this situation...myself, parents, teacher, boss, staff, students and others.

Myself...when I don't know how to finish something, it made me feel quite bored. It make my mind keep thinking and thinking how to finish it. So, messier my thought to face with that.

Parents. When actually you think parents will face with stress??? I think various situation can made them feel stress mostly when they need to face with a problem's child. Besides that, about their children academic performance when teacher called them to school to discuss about that. Furthermore, when it come to money problem. If their children ask for money to pay or buy something, if there have not enough money, how they want to face with it rite??

Teachers. A lot of task they need to settle down teaching, meeting, marking the students's book or exam paper. If they cannot manage and control, they will facing with stress. The job need to be settle with little time.

Boss. When you are in this position, you will easily feel stress. Don't think you are in good rank you can easily told the lower position staff to do everything for you. You need to monitor their achievement, manage the duty equally between each staff. So, do you think holding a higher position is easy?

Staff. Finish all the task on time is the major situation that make you easily to get stress. It happen when you cannot manage which work need to be settle first, how to divide your time for each work and you will keep thinking whether you can finish it on time or not.

Students. When it come to the school or university environment, the word of stress usually point out in their mind. Why? Presentation, assignment, homework or study. How to settle down everything??

Lets to overcome this situation "STRESS". In my opinion, the most important thing to avoid this situation are depend on how we manage our time for each work. We must have a good of time management. From this, people can have good condition of life. You know why, when the time have manage, it make our task and life become easy.

Besides that, in our life we must have checklist. For what, whatever we want to do, we list it according to the most important until the not important. So, we can see the flow of our task.You no need to make your mind messy with many thing. It move smoothly one by one and there have no feeling of stress.

Orrrraaaittt, enjoy your life with a blessing from God and happinness.


CIK TOM said...

semalam cik tom ni ingt ok stress lg..adeh..huhu..

cik tom tag award kat fieza;


ni tesis punye explanation...hahaha

Affieza said...

Cik Tom : tu lah stress ni klu nk jd tak kira waktu dan ketika. Hope u can control it..

:- thanks a lot 4 the award nnt fieza buatkan entry nya...hihi..

Affieza said...

Fahrizal : nk buat camne dari tesis dah merebak ke blog plk...huhu..

Unknown said...

salam Affieza..

life ni memang ade up n down..
stress boleh jd dlm mcm2 bentuk...

kiraan Affieza tu betul.. nanti beri details2 yg berkaitan yer.. ;)

Affieza said...

K.Yong : wslm...yes really agree
with u...

:- huhu..betul??? best ni. Nnt sy
email details2 tsebut.

Mila said...

Sekarang ni kurang stress... :)
Salam ziarah dari:

Affieza said...

Baguslah klu camtu...
Btw, thanks dtg ziarah..

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