05 January 2011


Today, for the first time my friends and I were introduced as a trainee counselor to all "PRS" members. You know "PRS" stand for what??? It means "Pembimbing Rakan Siswa". When we come to any university or college, you will meet with this club. This club was build under Counseling unit.

When I was placed in Counseling and Guidance Unit, so I need to know and going through with this club. Each Wednesday, I need to attend their meeting from 5pm to 6pm. Like today I need to introduce my background and promote myself as a trainee counselor. I invite all the members to come for counseling session. Hope they will support and help me to settle down all the task during my practicum.

As a trainee counselor, I will follow all the program that organize by this club. Most of the program will be handling during weekends. So, say no to hung out, sleep or rest during my weekends....huhu...I also need to buy and wear their PRS's tshirt. It is because when I involve in any activity under "PRS", I need to wear it.

Besides that, during meeting one of trainee counselor will be handle one slot which emphasize on motivation like leadership, emotion management, personality and some more. So, I need to be prepare and wait for my turn. This week, I just introduce myself, maybe next week my turn to take over the slot during that meeting...hmmm so nervous because it will be my first time to take over the motivation's slot. Hope evrything going through smoothly.

Pray for my success and I will try my best to do it very well. Everything depend on me, there have no excuse and I must believe with myself.


IntanBerlian said...

ingat kan PRS pembimbing rakan sebaya.heee. all the best dear!

Ainna Jalil said...

always pray for your best dear. Amin :D

Affieza said...

Intan: PRS pembimbing rakan sebaya tu klu kt sekolah. Btw thanks 4 the wish.

Enna: Amin...TQ

Unknown said...

masa di MRSM dulu.. kakyong join PRS - Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya... ;)

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