21 February 2011


Last two weeks, Jabatan Perdagangan at PSA organized "Program Pemantapan Insaniah" to those students who was selected by their lecturer. The objective of this program are to share and guide the students about the techniques and skills in their study.

My friends and I were invited as a facilitator for this program. The program focusing more on group activities.

The first part in the morning, one of the lecturer from this department gave a motivation slot to all the students. She guide and share the way on how to be a good student and how to learn in a right way.

All students enjoyed the program even some of them seem like sleepy. The program helped students to achieve the good result in their exam. Besides that, students can know their mistake before this.

LDK activities focusing on their skill of hearing and remembering. It called as "telefon buruk". Students need to hear and remember the note given from facilitators.

My friends and I also handling the group counseling with the students. We focusing on the skill of their study. There have a lot of skill in the study.

All facilitators from various kind of organizations.


en_me said...

meriahnyerr.. ehehe

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