28 February 2011


Last two weeks, I got the opportunity to join leadership camp in Lenggong, Perak. It such an exciting experience to be there.

NUR LEMBAH LENGGONG, situated on a twenty acres of lush, green palm estate and sitting on the river bank of the infamous and historical Perak River. From Lenggong town, it is located on the opposite side of the road and two hundreds meters away from R & R Selat Pagar.


• Two Dormitories that can occupy 100 guests each
• Six Air conditioned Chalets (Capacity of 12 person each)
• Areas for tent pitching enough for approx. 600 guests
• Helipad – Landing area for helicopter and open area for activities
• Seri Demak Complex –Sura & hall for 150 guests
• SERI EMBUN CAFÉ - where food will be served up to 6 meals per day.
• Administration/main office
• Guests room & sick bay
• Training Hall for 200 pax
• Flying fox across Sungai Perak
• Hanging Bridge – crossing Sungai Perak to Randing island
• Manmade lake – for training & recreational activities
• A van – to cater for guest/s needs
- Beautiful view of Sungai Perak -

Besides the facilities available, NUR LEMBAH LENGGONG can also organize activities which are located inside and outside the premises, such as :

a ) Teambuilding programs
b ) Lenggong Historical visits
c ) Visits to Lata Kekabu Waterfall
d ) Obstacles course
e ) River & Jungle survival
f ) Motivational Courses
g ) Abseiling & Flying Fox across Perak River
h ) Environmental Awareness Camp
i ) War Games
j ) Fishing Contest

- LDK activities -

- Ultimate Challenge (Night Walk) -

- Flying in the air a.k.a (Flying Fox) -

- -Aerobics time -

- cold -

Bye2 Nur Lembah Lenggong...waiting 4 the next trip...huhu...


en_me said...

meriahnyerr uoolss.. ehehe

Unknown said...

menariknya aktiviti..

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