13 April 2011


The site situated along the Muar river meeting the strait of Malacca.

Welcome to Dataran Tanjung Emas! On the earlier morning, you can see a lot of Muarian (people from Muar) come over here for exercising.

But the best part is the weekend group workout organized by MPM from 8:00am – 8:30am. So Muarian, come and join in for some workout over the weekend. (Source :

The best view from behind of us!!!

psssttt:- syoknya dpt posing kt tmpt2 cantik mcm ni...huhu


CIK TOM said...

nampak ye gi jalan2 :)

ardinihumaira said...

comelnye berbaju pink ;)

Anonymous said...

pantai kat tempat kita jauh lebih cantik dr UK, boleh mandi manda. Kat sini sejuuukkk!!!

yatie chomeyl said...

x pernah gi lagi sini..nanti dh blk msia leh la gi :)

Affieza said...

@Cik Tom: yupp..sgt cantik dan best

@Dini: is my favourite colour

@K.Fa10: ye ke??? nk mandi kena balik Malaysia r camni..

@K.Yatie: Jom lah gi..

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