20 April 2011


Last weekend, since there have no program or activity that I needed to involve, my friends and I went to Uptown Kelana Jaya. We walked through the uptown and stopped in a few stalls to take a look on the good that was sell there.

The operation hour for this uptown was 10.00pm - 3.00am. There also provide a corner for karaoke. If people want to show their talent in singing, they just stop at the corner and choose the song.

After walked through the uptown, we went to Tasik Kelana Jaya. It was because the location of the lake just near that uptown.

What we are going to do at there??? Hmmm...take a photo as much as we can.

Here we are, we walked through the lake and stopped for a while to take photo and walked again for a night view of this lake.

The view was really beautiful and we stopped near the lake. We can see the colourful of lamp and people around keep talking each other.

Pose near the lake with the background of sampan, tree and the calm water.

5 of us!!!

Using a lighter we create our name while taking the photo...magic rite??? Hehe...

Rafiq & Budin

Nad & Mina

psssttt:- xde keje cari keje...mekasih yer semua...huhu


Ardini Humaira said...

cantiknya gamba perahu ;)

CIK TOM said...

wah seronoknya korang pergi jalan2 ye..nak ikut..hehehe

Unknown said...

4 gambar terakhir tu... magik ya... ;)

n3 terbaru
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Affieza said...

@Dini: ha'ah cantik kan maybe view lewat malam yg tenang..hehe

@Cik Tom: Jomlah ikut..hehe..

@K.Yong: magik ke?? try lah buat gak

Organikaceh said...

Pameran yang bagus. Thanks for the article.
Salam kenal.

Anonymous said...


p/s:BW & folo..mehla jenguk belog saya..salam kenal! (^_^)

Intanberlian said...

cantiknye! camne boleh buat cmtu eh?

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