25 June 2011


Cycling's trip to
Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam. Now, this place is known by many names. It’s also called Bukit Cerakah, and Taman Pertanian Shah Alam. So many names for one place. Anyway, to get in we had to pay an entry fee of RM3 for adults and RM1 for kids. Car park costs RM1 per entry.

Before that, we met up and grabbed some breakfast at Pak Mal's restaurant in Seksyen 2, Shah Alam. Actually the reason why we choose to enjoy our weekends in this place because we want to visit "Weather House".

Each and everyone of us got a bike

We agreed to rent a bike for our visiting trip to this place. It was because each place located in different location. we had to pay bike's fee of RM5 for first hour and the second hour and above we just added for RM1. Actually we can choose whether we want to walk , took a bus or cycling.The people I went cycling with, were all friends who have training together with me in PSA.

Due to the place was so big and we only can go for a few places there. Here we spot the Taman Buah-buahan (Fruit Park), Taman Orkid (Orchid park), the pond and the weather house. Unfortunely the weather house was still under progress.

Overall, it was a great outing and one long and fruitful day. Everyone of us enjoying the trip even we was very tired cycling around the park.


en_me said...

tired kaans.. ehehe

Unknown said...

akak tak pernah sampai situ..

boleh cycling yer.. best nya...

jom join , ari ni last day
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maya amir said...

wahhh lamenye tak naik beskal...

Affieza said...

@en_me: ha'ah mmg tired coz dh lama tak naik basikal...huhu...

@K.Yong: yup..boleh tp kena sewa r..

@maya amir: samalah kita..hehe

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