05 April 2012


I celebrated my birthday for this year at a good eating place serving good food called Sakura Kristal. Located at Taman Melawati and in the neighbourhood of Ulu Kelang. I went there with my uncle, my aunt and my younger sis.

Sakura Kristal (SK) is a unique and pop
ular cafe restaurant that specialises in fusion cuisine. Sakura Kristal relives the traditional dishes and invents new modern contemporary dishes from the 'grill'.

The menu selection was impressively long with a good picture that made our stomach singing happily.

We decided on chic chop for my younger sis and I, T-Bone steak for my uncle and WokCai LoSeeFun for my aunt. For the drinks, all of us ordered fruit juice.

We end up the dinner with Chocolate Volcano for dessert. It's yummy chocolate cake + vanilla ice-cream.

birthday girl smiling with her chic chop

Well...well, so thank you uncle for brought us here and of course special birthday treat for this year.


Nadiah Sidek said...

seronoknya dapat banyak birthday treat! :)

transformed housewife said...

nampak ekslusif tempat tu.

Affieza said...

@K.Nadiah: yeah...I'm happy for that

@K.Nur: ha'ah mmg ekslusif pn...byk drama prnh shoot kt sini

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