03 May 2012


Last weekend, I got the opportunity to spend my leisure time at Kuala Ibai Lagoon Park. While arrived, the park already fulfill with visitors.

There are rhu trees everywhere, adorning the park and giving shade to the visitors. 

The lagoon is located just near to the floating mosque, Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah.

The soft breeze is embracing and the visual is so calming that can make we feel immersely at peace inside.

 Those who love to fish, we can do recreational fishing too at this park. 

 We can see a green view by looking at the grass surround us.

I can said that, this park really have a nice view and we can relax our mind too. 


en_me said...

fewwwittt.. chomey lote cek2 mek tuuu.. ehheee

CIK TOM said...

kuala ibai dah dkt dgn umah ciktom dah tue..heee..

transformed housewife said...

lama dah tak ke Trengganu. Bilalah boleh berjln2 ke sana ni. Padahal dekat jah dr Kelate.

Affieza said...

@hajiMete: sweet

@CIK TOM: ke???

@K.Nur: nnt blk Kelate blh lah singgah

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