03 August 2010


Today I got an opportunity to attend one forum in my university. This forum was organized by student in Special Program for Drug Abuse (SPADA). This forum discussing on various current issue that happen in our country. I am the lucky one because got this space to join that program. The program involving people from Yayasan Sinar Salam as the panel and help by other two of SPADA's students.

The forum starting by the talk from En.Mustaqim, Pegawai Penjara Kajang. He share his experience in career setting at prison. His works made him always met with many of prisoner. He told that about 33,ooo in the prison and now already increase until 50,000 for the latest. It was something bad news to know about that. Who actually the prisoner???Murder, Theft, Crime and etc.

Then, the forum continue with talk from En. Abd Edy, Pegawai Polis Bahagian Latihan, IPK Bukit Aman who discussing on "REMPIT" or the latest one "SAMSENG JALANAN". The issue was never end because there always show the new comer involve into that activities. This issue mostly involving the teenager who want to find an excitement in their life. They will start the activities in midnight around 1pm.

After that, the panel from Yayasan Sinar Salam begin their forum It was started by one of Co-defender which means the person who live around the drug addict but she was safe from any drug. She share her experience how to cope in this situation, but I feel proud for her because of her perseverance to face the real life.

Besides that, there also three of ex-drug users who sharing their experience in that problem. Most of their experience show that they take a drug to try for the beginning and finally they involve in that problem. Alhamdulillah, now all of them meet with the happiness when they had sent to Yayasan Sinar Salam. They want to change and hope to become a better person.


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