18 August 2010


This is my dream's car, with silver colour. I really love to see all types of Honda. It looks sporty with a nice design. The special one of course is Honda Civic.

This picture remind on my second dream. I love to have a house with modern contemporary mix with English concept. Why I choose it??? bcoz the concept is very calm and comfortable.

The beautiful view of Kota Paris...the place that I really want to go..

Eye of London...when I will arrive there?

It's not wrong to have a dream...since financial issue was taking around in my mind, I wonder whether my dream will come true or not?? It looks weird to fulfill it but as long as we going through the life, anything can happen in our future.

I tend to view myself as a woman in the HIGH TASTE level. It does not show that I come from the richest family but I enjoy to have that kind of level. People who close to me can understand that situation. Although, I still remind on my financial management as well as I can.

Since I am child, I will get whatever I want...even the expensive one but my parents will buy it for me. I don't know why maybe the status of the older children in my siblings make me feel easy to get something..hihi..

To have a good in financial management, I need to know how to spend the money, when I should use the money, how much that I should use and how to save it as my saving. People can buy anything that they want but must know how to identify the important or more to satisfy.

How to be a good in financial??? Who will be the best in financial? Lets asking our self and the answers will come in various type....


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